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Kid Sister – Kiss Kiss Kiss Mixtape

If you are in the East Coast (like me) and sick of this never ending winter just download and play this! Kid Sister latest “Kiss Kiss Kiss Mixtape” is the perfect cure to beat the winter blues. Its a driving in your car with the top down, shades on, shakin haters off kinda music. All 13 tracks are pure dance jams, mixed with electronic, hip-hop, dub and house music all night long.

Preview two tracks below then check the next page for the download link to the FREE mixtape!!!!

Enjoy! 🙂

Kid Sister – Kiss Kiss Kiss

Kid Sister – Lookout Weekend Feat. Nina Sky


Katy Perry – E.T feat. Kanye West

Here is the new Katy Perry video for “E.T” Featuring Kanye West.

I didn’t really like Katy’s new album much.  E.T is one of the very few songs I liked from the record.  And I thought I was going to hate the video when I first saw some of the images released to promote it. But I was wrong!  I really dig it lot! Maybe ’cause a I’m huge Sci-Fi freak…. oh yeah, that’s it. The song needs more Kanye thou!



Nadia Oh – Kate Middleton

Allow me to re-introduced this hot lil mama from the UK named Nadia Oh. She burst into the pop-dance scene back in ’08-’09  with a hot little record called “Hot Like Wow”. The album was produced by DJ-Producer extraordinaire Space Cowboy. He Produced “Starstruck” for Lady Gaga and remixed a few of her songs. He later released his solo record called Digital Rock Star. Which I still play once in a while.

Now, Nadiah doesn’t have a “singing” voice per se. I would say her vocals fall in between Uffie and M.I.A. But that’s where Space Cowboy comes into play. He manages to twick her voice to produce and incredible pop record, filled with catchy, dance beats and sick, sick hooks that’s impossible to ignore. “Got Your Number” And my “My Egyptian Lover” are slick dance songs, with witty lyrics that will make you grin and dance your ass off.

Well, Nadia Oh is making a comeback, with a new look, and a hot, dance-electronic-reggaeton infused song called “Taking Over The Dance Floor (Kate Middleton)” That literately does that! This track is a club monster!

Watch the video teaser and play the track below to get your Kate Middleton, Moonbahton SWAGG ON!

(See next page for early Nadia Oh music and videos)


Nadia Oh – Kate Middleton-Moonbahton



Meet WILDER, an Electronic-Rock band from Bristol. With two single under their belt the band is currently working hard on their debut album. They recently toured with “I Blame Coco” and “Julian Casablancas” of The Strokes. Winlder sound reminds me a lot of  Friendly Fires and The Rapture but with a much cooler edge.

I really dig their sound. The single “Skyful Of Rainbows” has a great mixture of guitar riff, keyboards and synths and has an awesome dance vibe to it. It simply rocks.

Expecting great things from this bad, and really looking forward to their debut.



Kelly Rowland & Alex Gaudino “What A Feeling”

Off from italian DJ Alex Gaudino‘s upcoming new album “Magnificent” comes this sick dance track called “What A Feeling” featuring the always great Kelly Rowland (aka Miss Kelendria if you nasty)

Although Kelly‘s new album has yet to be released, its good to see her keeping busy AND current by lending vocals to great dance hits as this!

I have already posted a hot little song she released a while ago with Lil Wayne called “Motivation” check it out HERE !

Alex Gaudino featuring Kelly Rowland –What A Feeling (Radio Edit)


Swizz Beatz “Coolin” Featuring EVE

“Eve-e I’m back on my bullshit,” Came back, came back, back with a full clip.”EVE

Today is a good day! lots of hot new music out everywhere!

” Everyday (Coolin’) “ is the hot, brand new, club banger single by Swizz Beatz and it features EVE!!!! She has been missing for a while! So it’s great to hear her back rocking a mic!

Swizz Beat’s new album “Haute Livin” drops soon and so is the official video for “Everyday (Coolin’)”. I’ll update this post as soon as the video is released.



Swizz Beatz ft. Eve – Everyday (Coolin’)


Goose – Synrise

I’ve been meaning to post something about the Belgian, electronic band Goose for a while now. And what better time then today. Goose recently released the dream like video for the song and album title “Synrise” and today sees the release of the sinlge plus the Paul Chamber remix.

This is great little track by Goose. The sound is simplistic but very hard to forget. I was humming the song all day! The closest bands I can compare them to is Justice and the Klaxons.

“Synrise” was released back in October with the singles “Words” and “Can’t Stop Me Now”. This album is a high energy record that combines vocals with Electronic-dance music and Rock-beats.

I really, really like this record so try to check it out! And check the next page for more videos and Remixes!



Martin Solveig – Ready 2 GO

Checkout the 8-bit style video tease by french House-Music DJ Martin Solveig‘s new single Ready 2 Go”. This time around he features Kele (from Bloc Party) on vocals. And I got to say, I really like this!! Solveig never ceases to impress!. Last time around he featured Dragonette (a favorite band on mine) on vocals for the single “Hello” and it was a huge success! Hopefully, this one will follow. The official video for “Ready 2 Go” will be shot in the Stade De France and will be release soon. In the mean time, enjoy the video tease below 😉 See other hits by Solveig on the next page.