Sterling8 – hYpNoTiZeD

‘Tell me your secret, there’s nothing to hide, Chocolate covered thoughts, you can’t deny. Fantasize about me, go deep inside. Let go honey while I  Hypnotize!”Sterling8

Let me introduce you to Sterling8, a new talented, singer-songwriter and pop artist on the rise!  His music is a mixture of  pop, house, soul and sweet electro-funk. Sterling’s official first single ‘hYpNoTiZed’ produced by the talented Gaetano Lattanzi is a hot pop number that will have you seeking the nearest dance floor.

The infectious track combines a few elements that I dig a lot. First, is Sterling’s cool falsetto- I haven’t heard anything this exciting since the days of ‘The Man’ himself, Prince. There is also the provoking lyrics and the ultra catchy hypnotizing (pun intended) beat of the hook that’s impossible to escape.

All of this plus Sterling’s rockin image blends seamlessly to create a new futuristic-funk type of sound.

The track has also been remixed by German DJ Sven Erler and it’s a monster of a Remix. The club ready track is currently making its away across Europe while burning every dance floor in it’s path.

hYpNoTiZed’ will be available as a free download from Sterling8’s website in a few days. So be sure to visit his site.

Sterling8′s debut EP should be arriving soon. So keep checking back here for new tracks.

Now press play and get hYpNoTiZed!


hYpNoTiC Sterling8 by Sterling8music

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