Soso – Who’s Gonna Love Me [Video + Remixes]

I’ve been meaning to introduce you all to the beautiful and talented Swedish native SoSo (aka Sophia Somajo) for a while now… I’ve been obsessed with her single “Who’s Gonna Love Me” and their remixes ever since I first heard them.

Soso’s “Who’s Gonna Love Me” is a slow-building pop gem that battles intimate issues like insecurity and abandonment. The track combines elements of pop with hard-hitting industrial beats that recalls the sounds of Depeche Mode and Björk driven by Soso‘s commanding velvety vocals.

Take a look at the self-directed video for “Who’s Gonna Love Me” and grab a few remixes of the track, plus the newly released and equally amazing track “My Women My Guitars (a Cody ChesnuTT cover)”

Soso‘s debut-album, That Time I Dug So Deep I Ended Up In China drops sometime in May of this year.

SoSo (Beatport)

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