Album Review: Grimes – ‘Visions’ + Oblivion [Official Video]

Montreal-based electro-pop artist Grimes, aka Claire Boucher‘s 3rd album Visions has been on my iPod in constant repeat since it’s release in early February. It has taking me a few weeks to actually process the entire album due to the fact that in every listen I discover something new that I inexplicably love.

After a short intro, Visions begins with the track ‘Genesis,’ a catchy and alluring Madonna-esque synthpop song that introduces that spacey and ethereal atmosphere of the album. Follow by the synth heavy ‘Oblivion’ a beautifully bouncy, dreamy track that showcases Claire Boucher‘s beautiful doll-like voice.

The album continues with the dancey and upbeat ‘Circumambient‘ and the intergalactic, robotic-like voiced ‘Eight.’ Then there is the tribal song ‘Visiting Statue’ a song that plays like an indigenous chant  being play at a ritual—-but some where in space. The rest of the songs in the album have the same approach; they all posses a unique psychedelic, alien like appeal.

The highlights of the record are the sensual ‘Vowels = Space and Time,’ and the enchanting ‘Skin.’ The lyrics and Claire‘s falsetto on this track are simply touching.

“Visions” is a hard album to describe. It contains many musical elements and styles that I never thought could work well together. There are traces of hip-hop, pop, new-wave and industrial sounds that blend so seemingly well to form a cohesively dreamy soundscape. Clare Boucher‘s prominent cooing and feathery child-like voice along with the soothing synth and delicate keyboard play throughout the record have a wistful atmospheric effect; one that feels remote and delightfully strange. Is that unconventional mixture of genres and sound that makes this record so brilliantly alluring and so special.

“Visions” will definitely appear in the top 5 of my list of best albums of 2012. I Simply adore this record!

Watch the just released video for “Oblivion” below.

Grimes – (iTunes)

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