Soffie Viemose – To The Woods [New Track + Video]

It’s been a while since we last heard of Danish electronic singer/songwriter Soffie Viemose. Well, the talented musician is back with another amazing production called, “To The Woods.”

Much like her previous effort “The Gift,” Viemose’s new track touches all the right notes with her minimalist electronic production and starkly haunting vocals. “To The Woods” was inspired by a Danish 3-year old boy who went missing in March 2011.

The lonely and overwhelming atmosphere surrounding that story is almost always my source of inspiration when I’m writing songs, and in a way I have used that boy as my muse and created a fantasy world around him and the woods. The song s is really an ode to the darkness and the trees. I wanted to create the feeling of someone being curious and attracted by the unknown magic, and not someone being afraid or sad.
-Soffie Viemose

“To The woods” is the first release from her upcoming album to be released late fall 2012.

I’m a big fan of Viemose’s work and this new song just makes me even more excited to get a hold of her debut.

Soffie Viemose (Facebook)

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