Karin Park – “Wild Child” [Official Video]


My past is like an apple tree, Does he ever wanna taste it? Ever since he came here through my bedroom door, I’ve been a wild child.

I’ve been obsessed with Karin Park ever since i got a hold of her Tiger Dreams EP back in 2011…but I’ve never got the chance to introduce her on the blog.

The Swedish electro-goth-pop singer recently released the video for the incredible,“Wild Child,” a highlight of many from the incredible album, Highwire Poetry. The record, released this year, was influenced by her strict religious upbringing in a remote Swedish town and the three years she spent in a Japanese missionary school. Highwire Poetry contains productions by Fever Ray and The Knife producer, Christoffer Berg.

If you’re new to Karin Park I urge you to seek out this record! Highwire Poetry is one of the best releases of the year! Below are some highlights from the record.

Karin Park (iTunes)

PS. Does anyone else thinks that “Tiger Dreams” could be a perfect B-Side or a sequel to Bjork‘s “Hunter”?

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