Eliot Sumner – “Information” [Official Video]

Following its debut back in June, Eliot Sumner (aka I Blame Coco, aka Sting’s daughter) premiers the official video for “Information.” The track is taken from the just released 4-track EP of the same name. In the video, directed by photographer Eliot Lee Hazel, we see Sumner alone in the dessert (thoughts of David Lynch’s ‘Lost Highway’ come to mind) accosted by two vintage muscle cars.

“The video is a representation of the self, alone and vulnerable in a dark void,”   Sumner tells Rolling Stone. ‘Information’ is a breakup song,”  she continues. “It’s about not understanding the situation. With social networks these days, everyone needs to know everything, all the time. But the problem is, people are so used to short snippets of information that no one has any attention span any more. I don’t, anyway. It’s about a quest to know everything.”

The Information – EP is out today via Cherrytree/Interscope.

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