Listen to “Deicide” The Brand New Tune From Crystal Castles!

After Alice Glass announced her departure from Crystal Castles back in October of 2014; we all thought the electro-goth band was dead and done. But surprisingly, remaining founding member Ethan Kath returned early this year with a brand new song called ‘Frail’ featuring an “unnamed” singer on the track.

Today, the band follows ‘Frail’ with another brilliant new tune called ‘Deicide’. The song is a hazy, synth-heavy dance track that features the band’s unmistakable dreamy yet chaotic production and introduces new lead vocalist, Edith.

No word yet on when we can expect a new album from the band, but Kath added the following: “Sincere thank you for the support. A new Crystal Castles album is on the way, ‘Frail’ and ‘Deicide’ are just a peak at what’s to come.”

Take a listen!


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