ERYKAH BADU – “Phone Down” [New Track!]

Legendary neo-soul songstress Ms Erykah Badu just dropped a hot as f***, trap-infused, slow-burning jam called “Phone Down” from her upcoming Mixtape entitled, “BUT YOU CAINT USE MY PHONE”!

Badu recently told The Fader the mixtape was inspired by Drake; no surprise there, since she recently dedicated a cover of “Hotline Bling,” (below) to the rapper.

“He’s an inspiration to me. Sonically, he’s in a place where I want to be. It’s halfway between where I was and halfway to where I am now. If I want to come out and do something, I will try and raise myself to his bar or channel myself to his frequency.”

And it appears the work on the mixtape have gotten the creative juices flowing; as she’s also prepping a new album:

 “I’m in love with this mixtape – it feels good. I think it’s a whole new frequency for the planet and I just wanted to do it because it’s inspiring me to write my new album—it’s kind of like the buffer in-between. I would like to describe it as a creative process and I got some really good surprises for you guys. I cannot wait until the end of the month . It will be on iTunes at the end of the month [Thanksgiving]. But along the way, I’m going to drop some freebies and some underground (bleep) just so the people can have something to listen to.”

Check it out!

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