Miike Snow – “Heart is Full” [Official Video]


Swedish-pop trio Miike Snow are back with a brand new song and video called “Heart Is Full”; a soulful, pop-rock leading track from their upcoming new album iii due out in 2016!

About the video, director Lance Drake tells EW“For the video, we wanted to create a world loaded with zillions of comic book, sci-fi, and video game references from my childhood fantasies”. “Nearly every frame has a small homage — Ghost in the Shell, 5th Element, and Mortal Kombat to name a few.” “My goal was to create fierce, female characters in total control of an over the top world. In our lead, played by Braina Laviena, I found so much more than beauty. [She has] a killer charm and a stealth sensitivity.”

The last few minutes of the video are really intense. Great performance by Braina Laviena. 

Check it out!

Miike Snow – iTunes

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