Nu Music: Dua Lipa “Last Dance” [Official Video]

Fast-rising pop artist Dua Lipa shares her immaculate video for her most recent single ‘Last Dance’! The 20-year-old London-bred Albanian singer premiered the single (co-written by Lipa and Talay Riley) on BBC Radio 1 last week and has been teasing the video arrival on social media ever since. Well, the video is finally here and it’s as gorgeous as the singer herself.

In the video, directed by Tim Erem, Lipa is seen running and dancing in the middle of a desolate technicoloured forest. It’s all very dreamy and fairy-tale like…but a lot sexier!

The insanely good ‘Last Dance’ was produced by Koz – who has prodcued for Kendrick Lamar, Madonna and Nicki Minaj.

Check it out!

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