Beyonce’s “Formation” Gets a Ballroom Remix by MikeQ

A few weeks back I attended my very first GHE20G0TH1K party in Brooklyn…and it was f***ing amazing to say the least. I don’t think I have ever danced that much my entire life. The almost six year long running event was founded by the D.J. and producer Venus X—whom among other DJs curate some of the best subculture music unheard-of in mainstream media today—genres like juke, ballroom house, dark hip-hop, and many many more.

Well, legendary ballroom producer/House DJ MikeQ, who back in February hosted the event, has added his own insanely-hot spin to the already-classic Beyonce anthem, “Formation”.

MikeQ tells The FADER.: “I made this remix not only because it was a hot song, but it stood for something and while half the world seems to hate Beyoncé…I completely get the [song]message,” “The track, once it drops repeating you dat BITCH, is like re-empowering in its own ballroom way.” 

Check out Q’s killer remix below, grab the free download and get you CUNTY-ON (*death drops).


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