BANKS Shares Freaky New Video “Fuck With Myself”!

As BANKS readies the follow-up to her brilliant 2014 debut Goddess the California-based babe returns today with an artsy and freaky brand new video for the provocative new single, “Fuck With Myself”!

The somber minimalist track has an enticing electronic sound that’s almost nocturnal in nature —with a haunting chorus that has BANK’s whispering “Cause my love’s so good/ So I fuck with myself more than anybody else,” in a freaky vocal chant. It’s a gorgeous, daring and sensual track with an empowering message.

In the video, which has a beautiful sort-of latex texture to it, we see BANKS posing and contouring in a freaky, yet enchanting ritual dance with dancers wearing masks of the singer’s face.

Watch and repeat!

BANKS’ sophomore album is set to arrive in September.

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