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NEW MUSIC: Phoenix Martins – “Heart Strings” [Debut Single + Video]


Great New Talent alert!

East London based singer-songwriter Phoenix Martins emerges with a beautiful soothing ballad called, “Heart Strings” an emotional song about when those initial feelings of love overtake and you simply can’t shake off.

The track produced by Joe Fields and Nick Carter is built around beautiful lush strings arrangements over Martin’s enchanting, velvety, honeycoated vocals. Gorgeous tune! check it out!

“Heart Strings” is available as a free download here

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Back Back Forward Punch – “Don’t Stop Now” [New Single + Free Download]


Introducing Melbourne based electro-pop-dance duo, Back Back Forward Punch.

The duo, made up of Laura Boland (vocals) and Andy Liddell (keys and production) deliver a brand of summery, velvety flavored disco tunes that echoes the sounds of modern disco greats like Groove Armada and Crazy P.

Their new single, ‘Don’t Stop Now,‘ is a slice of disco-pop perfection! Laura Boland’s honey-like voice prowls amidst a bouncing bassline and waves of glistening synths that is simply impossible to resist.

Listen below and grab the B-Side ‘Tipsy’ as a free download! Enjoy!

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NEW MUSIC: Gavin Turek – “Suffah” featuring Rye Rye


Introducing singer-songwriter, producer and professionally trained dancer, Gavin Turek!

The LA-based artist has collaborated with some of the most electric names in music, from her features on some of TOKiMONSTA’’s biggest hits (“Little Pleasures,” “Darkest (Dim),” “Clean Slate” and “Foolish“) to an entire mixtape with Com Truise (below).

“Suffah,” the first single from her upcoming EP, The Break-Up Tape is an electric, high-energy break-up song that shares elements of synth-pop (Goldfrapp) and soulful-pop-rock (think Res) over Turek’s candy-coated sultry vocals; while rapper Rye Rye lends her spitfire boasts to the track.

Take a listen and get ready to suffah dearly with this intoxicating and refreshing tune! Free download below!

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Zebra Katz. “DRKLNG” [NEW EP\Mixtape]



 ”First name ZEBRA, last name KATZ, middle name FUCKIN’ watchu know about that”

ZEBRA *FUCKIN’* KATZ brand NEW EP, “DRKLNG” is a bombastic, broody, deliciously evil dark foray into an avant-garde world of fashion, darkened streets and underground clubs. Where the minimalist sounds of industrial gothic beats and hip-hop samples control your body and mind.

Your host, a shadowy mothman like being, dressed in Alexander Wang all-black-everything named, Zebra Katz welcomes you in—into the “DRKLNG” ball. “I just wanna sit and chill and smoke with Jay-Z, Shit, yeah motherfucker, bring Yeezy!”  Katz proclaims as the opening track ‘Josephine Effect’ creeps in.

As you smoke a blunt and sip on Hennessy the sound of a Lion’s growl is heard; then the loud bass and menacing atmospheric beats of ‘Pulla Stunt’ ring-in “That’s honey to the badger, I don’t give no fucks, Calm yourself, bitch, please Inhale, fall back, catch your breath, eeeease Katz slowly demands as the mysterious groove of the track settles in. The track is followed by ‘Ima Lead’ a killer, re-imagined lesson in the art of ‘reading’ by royal guest, Busta Rhymes; “take that bitch to my fortress, might fuck around, fuck her in her office” Busta proclaims with a tongue twisting delivery over the tracks hyperactive dance-beats.

As red lights and fog filled the dancefloor the intoxicating sensual flow of ‘Y I DO’ draws you in. There is no escaping the visceral rhymes of Katz. Like Beez In The Trap your body and mind give in. Before you know it, you’re in the zone. And now your booty-dropping to ‘Drk World’ and ‘Blk Wiccan,’ two intoxicating, highly energetic bangers driven by deep-house vocals and inescapable vibrant bass lines.


As you try to catch your breath and wipe the sweat off your head, the dark lord slows it down. It is time for ‘Lst Ctrl,’ a synth heavy, mesmerizing dance track that serves as an introduction to Katz’s macabre cover of Tiffany’s, ‘I think We’re Alone Now.’ Katz’s rendition of the 80′s teen classic is given a chilling remake; something out of the Halloween soundtrack; complete with menacing synthesizers and spacey sonic waves that rumble above Katz’s uncanny narration.


The eerie enticing vibes continue with ‘W2TDS,’ a shiver inducing track with psychedelic tones that slowly get more and more entrancing with each demanding verse. As Katz’s ungodly masterful sounds subdue your mind the closing tracks ‘3rd Dgre’ and ‘Last Name, Katz’ kick-in. The hard-hitting gangsta tracks take Katz’s Stylin’ and rhyming skills to legendary pastures. Above funky Prince-like guitars, distorted echoing vocals and with an old-school-rap-flow Katz masterfully ends the show imprinting his name on your brain,“First name ZEBRA, last name KATZ, middle name FUCKIN’ watchu know about that.”



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bring the noisejpg

Listen to M.I.A’s just released new banger “Bring The Noize.” The track was produced by Switch and Surkin and will be included on M.I.A.’s upcoming  fourth album, Matangi, which is due out this fall on N.E.E.T./Interscope.

The “Bring The Noize” video debuts on Vice’s Noisey.com on June 21st so be in the look out for that!

Check it!!

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NEW MUSIC: Kill J – “Phoenix”


Take a listen to “Phoenix” by new mystery artist, Kill J.

The mystery surrounding new Danish artist Kill J and her phenomenal darkly tune, “Phoneix” is slowly picking up steam around the web. The track is a beautiful and haunting gem driven by deep powerful basslines with dreamy electronic waves that purr above the singer’s hypnotic vocals. The track also employs some wonderful vocal effects that add a slight touch of a chinese-opera effect.

Other than a few pictures on Facebook and the track “Phoenix” on her Soundcloud page there is not a lot of information on who the mystery artist is; but with music as good as this, one thing is for certain, she definitely has our attention.

Take a listen and let us know your thoughts on the track.

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