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Oh Land – “Head Up High” [New Single!]


From her just announced fourth studio album Earth Sick  listen to “Head Up High” the brilliant, disco-tinged new single from Danish songstress, Oh Land!

The infectious “Head Up High” was written for a friend going through a tough time in her life as encouragement to, quite literally, keep her head up high. With it’s bouncing synth rhythms & dreamy, hook-laden vocals the new track has an uplifting quality that will no doubt put a smile on your face and encourage positive thinking. Brilliant tune. Listen!

Earth Sick is expected to drop November 11Be sure to catch Oh Land when she plays New York City’s Bowery Ballroom on October 21st during CMJ- marking her first NYC show in a year!

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Earth Sick tracklist:

1. Machine
2. Favor Friends
3. Head Up High
4. Earth Sick
5. Nothing Is Over
6. Doubt My Legs
7. Half Hero
8. Daylight
9. Hot ‘n Bothered
10. Little Things
11. Flags
12. No Particular Order
13. Trailblazer

Nu Music: Salt Ashes – “If You Let Me Go” [New Video]

Brighton-based songstress Salt Ashes releases the official video for the sleek, synthpop tune, “If You Let Me Go.” The new single, which sounds like a glorious musical union between Kate Boy and Chvrches is Ashes’ follow-up to her addictive, disco-tinged first single “Somebody.

Watch the Debbie Scanlon directed video below!

“If You Let Me Go” arrives September 2nd via Radikal Records.

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Nu Music: George Maple – “Talk Talk”

Listen to “Talk Talk” the first single from Sydney-based singer, George Maple! The airy and luscious pop track is taken from Maple’s debut EP ‘Vacant Space’ to be released worldwide via Australian label Future Classic. George Maple’s enchanting coos on this track makes us feel like we’re floating on air. Beautiful tune. Listen!

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EVVY – “Collide” [Keljet Remix]

New York-based indie-pop singer, EVVY’s glimmering debut single, “Collide” gets a melodic pop boost by dutch production duo, Keljet (Koen Mestrum and Teun Pranger). Listen to their Nu-disco take on the track below!

Click here to follow Keljet on Facebook (which I highly recommend you do) and get your free download.  The duo have a few other killer remixes for free that include Chela, Ayer and Noosa’s “Love” which we included below.


Ella Eyre – “Comeback” [New Single]

London soul songstress, Ella Eyre continues to cause waves in the music scene thanks in part to her unique style and intense, powerful vocals. Back in early July we premiered her euphoric track If I Go, now the 20-year-old singer returns with another soulful anthem called, ‘Comeback.’ The singer describes the song as the ultimate break up song when you’re trying to make someone feel better.”  And with it’s blunt, emancipating chorus We’ve all been played, we’ve all been hurt, just take the pain, let that motherfucker burn…”  we have no doubt in our minds that this tune will surely empower anyone to move on. Listen!

‘Comeback’ is taken from Ella’s upcoming debut album expected to drop later in the year.

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Nu Music: Shura – “Just Once” [New Single]

Moscow-via-London singer\songwriter Shura dazzles once again with her follow-up to the amazing first single, ‘Touch.’ The new ballad, ‘Just Once’ is as dreamy, tender and magical as her first effort. “If you get my name wrong I won’t get pissed off, ‘cuz I wish I was somebody else” Shura softly sings above the 80s-inspired production.

Listen to the blissful, ‘Just Once’ below!

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Eliot Sumner – “Information” [Official Video]

Following its debut back in June, Eliot Sumner (aka I Blame Coco, aka Sting’s daughter) premiers the official video for “Information.” The track is taken from the just released 4-track EP of the same name. In the video, directed by photographer Eliot Lee Hazel, we see Sumner alone in the dessert (thoughts of David Lynch’s ‘Lost Highway’ come to mind) accosted by two vintage muscle cars.

“The video is a representation of the self, alone and vulnerable in a dark void,”   Sumner tells Rolling Stone. ‘Information’ is a breakup song,”  she continues. “It’s about not understanding the situation. With social networks these days, everyone needs to know everything, all the time. But the problem is, people are so used to short snippets of information that no one has any attention span any more. I don’t, anyway. It’s about a quest to know everything.”

The Information – EP is out today via Cherrytree/Interscope.

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Nu Music: Milk and Bone – “New York” [Debut Single]

Listen to ‘New York’ the stunning debut track by Montreal’s Milk and Bone comprised of Camille Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Baulne. The very first words that came to mind upon first listen were; “like a feather drifting on air in a cold winter’s day”—  when music makes you visualize something as poetic as a weightless feather floating on air then you know it’s something special. From the start, the downtempo, minimalist ‘New York’ slowly captivates at every drum-kick and snare, only letting go at the bridge, when it breaks into a mixture of static, electronic sounds. And although the production here is simply flawless; it’s the duo’s broody, whispering vocals that will take you to heavenly places.

Listen and share your thoughts on Milk and Bone’s debut below. Click HERE to grab a free download of the track.

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Nu Music: VÉRITÉ – “STRANGE ENOUGH” [Debut Single]

Listen to NYC songstress VÉRITÉ’s stunning debut called ‘Strange Enough’. Co-penned and produced by Elliot Jacobson, the track explores the emotional struggles of an ill-fated relationship. Cause I wanna fall, but every time you leave me down on the floor, picturing the ways we move, cause nothing ever stays the same”  VÉRITÉ  gently sings during the song’s soaring chorus. ‘Strange Enough’ is quite the introduction; musically, it recalls the early work of 90s pop singer Dido mixed with the shimmering, electropop magic of Ellie Goulding—a simply gorgeous mixture. Listen!

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Bat for Lashes – “Skin Song” [New Track]

Listen to Bat for Lashes’ gorgeous contribution to Body Of Songs, the music and science venture that brings together Britain’s most talented musicians and medical experts to create a collection of songs inspired by the organs of the human body.

Guided by medical experts including pathologists, neurologists and stem cell scientists; the artists where given lessons about individual parts of the anatomy and then asked them to create a song based on their chosen organ or body part. Below is “Skin Song,” Natasha Khan’s moving contribution to the project. “The song is from the perspective of an old lady looking back on her life through thoughts of the history in her skin.”

Although, Body Of Songs isn’t an entirely new idea; Bjork explored this subject with Medulla  and somewhat with Biophillia; I find the subject of Biology as an inspiration to create music simply fascinating—lyrically and musically, the results are always emotionally captivating. Take a listen!

Body Of Songs will feature songs by Ghostpoet and Goldie, amongst others. More details in the video below.


Indian Summer – “Shiner” Featuring Ginger & The Ghost

Australian production-duo Indian Summer comprised of Gabe Gleeson and Chevy Long are back with a brand new single, “Shiner.” “Shiner” is a bit of a departure from the duo’s typical, vibrant, electro-house productions; instead, the duo explores a darker territory using heavy house synth and thumping drums to create a truly diverse and unique sonic tale. Assisting on the track is the sumptuous vocals of Missy from Ginger & The Ghost. Her lush vocals sweetly glides throughout the song intensifying the magical experience of the track. We love it. Take a listen!

“Shiner” arrives today via Sweat It Out Music.

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Nu Music: Allie X – “Bitch” [Official Video]

LA-based artist by way of Toronto, Allie X has gone from being a relatively unknown artist to a potential rising star; all within a very short period of time.

She landed on earth from planet X (I just made that up) back in February with the electropop tune, “Catch” a sugary jam that immediately captured the attention of bloggers and a few well known artist. But it only took a quick tweet from Katy Perry:  “Currently I’m obsessed with this song CATCH by Allie X: SPRING JAM!”  to instantly gain the mystery-artist a substantial amount of followers. Allie X, followed “Catch” with an even catchier tune, “Prime” a synth-laden song with a more aggressive sound that deliciously verges on 80s New-Wave. Now, the alienesque songstress is back with “Bitch” an inescapable musical concoction that sounds like Lana Del Rey meets Cyrstal Castles meets 80’s band Art of Noise. And, although she might not admit it, there’s an homage to Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day” on those icy-cool, synth twinkles in the intro and throughout the song—which quite frankly makes her cooler than your average pop starlet. “Bitch” is simply, phenomenal.

Check out the video directed by Jungle George and grab the free download below.

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