Cakes Da Killa – “I Run This Club” [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

New York City Rapper Cakes Da Killa brings it to the clubz on his latest video for the Siyoung-produced, synth-heavy, club banger, “I Run This Club.” The self-described “most clinically insane cunt bitch up in the game” lives up to his reputation reveling just how cool, fun and cray-xy (that’s crazy and sexy) his boombastic crew gets. Cakes, next party…could you add my name to the list?

Cakes’ latest mixtape The Eulogy has been on heavy rotation around here since it’s release early this year; although “I Run This Club” is not included in the mixtape (which you can still download for free here, btw) there are plenty of  slick, ampep up,  hip-hop anthems like ‘Snow Bunnies,’Goodie Goddies’ and ‘Da Good Book’ to get the your turnt, loose and ready for the clubs.

“I Run This Club” is available now.  The remix EP arriving on May 12th will features remixes by Jamie Lidell, Darq E Freaker, Fat Tony and Spank Rock

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Cakes Da Killa – I Run This Club [OFFICIAL VIDEO] from Hot Mom USA on Vimeo.

Iggy Azalea – “Fancy” featuring Charli XCX [NEW VIDEO]

The new classic

Australian queen raptress Iggy Azalea and pop-princess Charli XCX recreate the iconic movie, Clueless in the brand new video for “Fancy!”

The video, shot at the same high school where Clueless was filmed finds the sexy ladies recreating some of the film’s mots memorable scenes, down to the fashion victim or ensembly challenged iconic outfits!

Check it out!

“Fancy” is out now. You can pick up Iggy Azalea‘s first full-length album The New Classic next month.

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Disclosure – “F For You” Featuring Mary J Blige [Official Video]


It has arrived! After surprising their audience with a special appearance at NYC’s Terminal 5 live show a few days ago, and hyping their collabo via twitter; UK house duo Disclosure have finally unveiled an updated studio version of “F For You” featuring the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Ms. Mary J. Blige!

Watch the brand new video below!

‘F For You’ is taken from Disclosure‘s debut album, Settle.

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Here are my top picks for best albums of the year.

Did any of YOUR favorite albums made it to our list? Do you agree with our pick for the top spot? Let us know! Comment below or via our Facebook page.


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She’s a Hurricane Girl: An Interview with Adi Ulmansky + CMJ 2013 LIVE Performance.


Israel-based Producer\Singer-songwriter\rapper and all around bad-ass, Adi Ulmansky whom we introduced back in July (here) had her first ever live performance at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon in NYC. We were lucky enough to score a brief interview with the up-and-coming MC before her CMJ gig where we talked with her about, her killer new EP Hurricane Girl, her musical up-bringing, performing live and the struggles of being a female producer. Check it out!


NWP: So first time in NYC how does it feel?! Do you feel the culture shock yet?

You know new york is kinda like Tel Aviv. New York is bigger for sure and Tel Aviv is quite small, but it’s crowded, with a great night life. Its quite different when you live there, It’s so small and there are not a lot of opportunities [musically]… but for a vacation spot it’s amazing. The weather is just amazing.

It’s also your first time at CMJ are you excited?

Yeah it’s funny ’cause I didn’t know what to expect. People told me lots of things about CMJ, so I didn’t know how it would be. I got here and it’s like, tons of shows, my head is like…I don’t know where to go, what should I do. There are tons of artists. Actually, there are a few amazing gigs. I’m going to see Riff Raff! I can’t wait for his gig.

That’s awesome! He’s great! Aside from Riff Raff, have you had the chance to check out the NYC hip-hop scene?

I haven’t had the chance to yet, but tomorrow after my show will definitely hit some spots. And actually, just today I booked another gig for Friday in Brooklyn.

That’s fantastic, I will def be there!

Yeah! thanks!

So congratulations on Hurricane Girl it’s a great record. How was it working on your second EP? Did you find it easier or more challenging the second time around?

It’s funny because people all the time say that the second album or EP is harder because people expect things from you, you know? But actually, it was a lot more fun for me cause I think my first mixtape was kinda like, you know, just a bunch of songs that I needed to release.

I found the first EP [Shit Just Got Real] very experimental

Yes, it was. Yeah, you know, I needed to try new things then, and with Hurricane Girl I was more focused, I guess. And I did it in a short period. In just a few months actually. Everything just came together and feels real, you know, like one piece of work.

Hurricane Girl sounds a little darker and more hardcore lyrically than SHIT JUST GOT REAL, was that intentional?  

Is funny because I went through a very hard time in my personal life while I was working on the EP, and I guess you can hear it in the lyrics. I really wanted to put everything that I’ve been through to the songs. I was like, I feel like shit but at least I can create good songs out of it, so that would be the best that I can get out of feeling so horrible. I think it was for about a year that it was really hard for me. And I think the song ‘Falling’ and ‘Was It You’; those are the songs that the lyrics are really expressing what I was going through.

 I absolutely love ‘Falling,’ it’s such a great song; It has an R&B sound with a great Aaliyah vibe. It’s a highlight for me. And I think it shows your growth as a producer. Do you feel like you’re maturing musically as a producer?

Totally, I think the first round, mixing, was me trying to prove things I guess. I guess it was more childish. I just wanted to prove something, like, SEE! I’m a producer! I can do this, I can do that. And with the EP I was like, ok, I want to create things now that I feel and believe in, and not trying to be that past person. I guess that’s why it feels way more mature.

 As a female producer do you feel like female producers get more or less recognition than male producers?  or is it equal opportunity?

Well, there aren’t a lot of female producers that actually produce all of their own music. From the top of my head, other than Grimes I can’t think of other female producers out there. I mean, there are more out there I’m sure, but they don’t really get a lot of recognition. It’s definitely more hard for females because most of the time when I give someone a song to listen to they’re typically like; Did you do this? Did you mix this?! Are you serious? and I’m like why is it so hard to believe that a woman can make music. There is no difference. I know that is not that common but c’mon! It’s 2013! I guess that’s also one of my main goals, because people always tell me we can get you this producer and that producer and I’m like, ok, that would be nice to collab with a few other producers but I want to make my own music. That’s a big thing for me, it’s how I express myself.

 You’ve been getting a lot of support from blogs but often they come with comparison with other artists like M.I.A, Brooke Candy and Nicki Minaj. Does that bother you at all or you take it as compliment?

You know, I can understand why people need to compare things. When they don’t understand something they have to put it in…in these boxes. Sometimes I feel like I just  want to be me, I don’t want to be Die Antwoord, M.I.A, Grimes or whatever. I mean, I love them, I have lots of respect for them but I’m just trying to be who I am, and do something that is, I guess, a combination of all of these elements, you know? the rapping, the singing, the producing and then mixing it all together with my ethnic kind of elements, you know?

 Absolutely. I think its what sets you apart. The Middle Eastern instrumentation and sounds are very recognizable on both EP’s, how important is it to keep that ethnic stamp in your music?

Is funny because when I first got to the UK for a very short tour, I was like, ok, maybe I shouldn’t say that I’m from Israel because a lot of people don’t like it, and I can totally understand why, but I don’t really feel that I’m a part of whatever it is that people see in Israel. But as long as I’ve met people, the fact that I’m Israeli was really unique for them, they were so curious of the fact that you know… some people think that we drive camels in Israel, and is funny ’cause is not like that at all [Laughs]

Right, some people have such a narrow view of other countries

Totally, and I feel like I just want to show the world that Israel is a cool country…along side all the political problems and everything that I’m not gonna touch…I just feel like, I really just want to be true to who I am. I was born there, I was exposed to a lot of ethnic music.

 I think the instrumentation you use is very cool because It’s something you don’t really hear very often

Yes, and that’s the main thing you know, to come up with something that is unique and different and…new.

 Absolutely. ‘Falling’ is a perfect example I think. At the beginning of the song it has a middle eastern sound, but then it transitions into a cool R&B song which I found very unique.

The main goal was to create this combination of you know, just take this elements and create something different. I mean how many R&B songs can you find with these ethnic elements. I mean, I’m sure I’m not the first one to do this for sure (laughs) but you know what I mean.

 Now, I get a lot of rock vibes from the song ‘Work It’.  A little Black Sabbath, maybe? Any rock influences that inspire you

I actually grew up as a rock metal kid.

Omg, me too! 80’s Hair Metal bands? I know them all!

Really?! Me too, totally! (laughs) yeah, so again, that ethnic element, you can’t really erase things that you listened to or that you been affected by. I’m not ashamed of the things I used to listen to. I grew up musically through all these music [genres]. I played the electric guitar for like 7 years. There are pictures of me playing the guitar on stage and all. And now it’s like kinda weird [Laughs] But you know, I think musically it kinda shaped me and it made me… there are a lot of electronic producers out there that are so boring because they were never really exposed to that kind of music.

 So what is your favorite song from Hurricane Girl?

I think my favorite song is ‘Was It You.’ It’s funny because I think it was the last song I did for the EP. And is a downtempo, mellow song. I just think it’s a great song. You know, it was hard working on the EP because like I said, I went through a hard time, but it was a way for me to just let go. It was like going to a psychologist…like just letting it all out.

 Let’s go back to [my favorite song] ‘Falling’. The song has a great video, the bleeding heart is great. Can you tell me a little bit about the making of the video?

I really wanted to make something very simple, we did it in my parents house (laughs) I actually just uploaded two behind the scenes videos. The whole floor was covered with plastic… I just wanted people to see ME, to feel me, just out there, one shot, no editing, well, almost, except for the effects. And [laughs] a friend of mine spilled all the red goo [blood] on me, it was so messy. At the end my mom saw me and she was like, What happened?!! I was like no, no, everything is cool! It was so funny. But yeah, I just wanted to do something cool and simple no big production. You know, it’s nice to have the big production videos as well, I’m working on a few others…there’s one for ‘Hurricane Girl’  that’s going to be out soon and another one for ‘Work It’  that’s going to be quite cool as well. It’s an animation video.

Can’t wait to see ‘Work It!’ I think it’s another excellent track from the EP.

You think so? thanks! I think live it works very well.

Yes! Is so energetic and hardcore!

Yes, and I guess the lyrics are kind of like… I’m angry… and in your face!

 Do you have any dream collaborations?

Oh yeah, lots. But I think mostly rappers though. But I also dream to work with Frank Ocean and Tyler The Creator.

 What about female artists?

Oh yes, Brooke Candy, Angel Haze etc.

Is there an artist that you call a favorite? One that you can go back to and listen to everyday?

Radiohead. They were always my band. I think for like ten years they were the only thing I listen to.

 The funny thing about Radiohead is that they actually started as a rock band then they transitioned into the electronic realm.

And that’s what I like about them, they really try to reinvent themselves all the time, and that’s what makes them so interesting. I find it amazing that you can keep on changing and growing as an artist. They’re amazing.

 You were recently in London performing live. How was the reception there?

The UK is so different than the US. The people there are way more judgmental, I think. They’re like standing in the gig and they look at you like this [makes judgmental face] they judge you, and you need to impress them, they are harder to satisfy, so it’s kinda hard, but I feel at home in London. I’ve been there lots of times for lots of gigs.

 So you’re more used to the London scene?

I just understand how it goes, and I feel like you need to understand their mentality and know how to approach them. It’s really different…but in Israel as well…I’ve been to Prague as well and that was completely different too. Actually, Prague was one of the most amazing gigs I’ve had, ever. The crowd was so into it. I don’t even know if they knew me before, it was a festival so I was like ok, there were lots of people there, they never heard of me before, and they had no reason to be into it, but they were like, YEAHHHHHHH! That was so amazing.

Let’s talk about your third EP. Are you already working on one? Any thoughts on what sound direction you’d like to pursue?

Yes, I think I’m going on more of the melodic kind of vibe. More in the direction of ‘Falling’ and ‘Was It You.’ But I feel like, in the EP, there will be rap songs and melodic songs. My goal in my next EP, which I already started working on, is to cover both aspects together. Have both worlds in one song. That’s the main idea.

 Are there any songs that didn’t make it on Hurricane Girl that you’d like to include?

There is one that didn’t get in, and that I kind of kept on working on and rewrote the lyrics and changed the whole production. So yeah, it will be in the next EP.

Will the third EP be your official “Debut” EP\Album?

The thing is that I’m waiting for my debut EP to be released properly. I’m not signed yet so I’m really hoping that to be the next step.

 Well, Hurricane Girl is an outstanding and all around fun record. There is no doubt in my mind that it will happen soon.

Thank you so much!

**Thank you Adi for taking the time to talk to us! And thank you Tracey Hills from Brick London PR for setting up the interview.

Here is a video of Adi LIVE at Fat Baby NYC performing Hurricane Girl, Was It You and Falling. (Video is HD so adjust your YouTube player to 720HD) Enjoy!

Adi UlmanskyFacebook  \ Twitter \ Soundcloud \ iTunes

ICONA POP – “My Party” featuring Zebra Katz [NEW TRACK]


Check out Icona Pop’s dark and fuzzy take on Lesley Gore’s 1963 pop anthem, “My Party.” The track features one of my favorite rappers, the man, the king, ZEBRA KATZ.

The Swedish duo and New York’s ZEBRA KATZ recorded the track after meeting at this year’s South By Southwest. The surprising collabo turns out to be just that….surprising! In a totally good way! Coming from the duo’s string of euphoric pop anthems (I Love It, Girlfriend, All Night) I was expecting “My Party” to be another poppy dance record, but instead, I was greeted with a head-bobbing, hand-clapping, slow-jam, with Kanye’s style industrial beats, over Katz’s magnificent Gothic rhymes. Although the song is a bit repetitive, those dark beats, hip-hop samples and hearing Caroline and Aino shout KATZ’s trademark, WHAT THE FUCK makes it all worth it!

Unfortunately, “My Party” will not appear in the duo’s highly anticipated debut, This Is…Icona Pop arriving on September 24, but you can listen to the track in all it’s glory below!

Let us know what you think of this collabo!

Icona PopiTunes \ Facebook

NEW MUSIC: Mercedes – “Live In The Speaker” + TWIN iDoL Remix


“I don’t need no visa ’cause I came thru the speaka”

Check out “Live In The Speaker” the banging debut track and video by Copenhagen-raised singer\rapper, and our new crush, Mercedes!

The boombastic, bass-driven-jam perfectly captures the sounds of 80s and 90s Hip Hop with the mic-rocking stylings of Kid Sister and M.I.A. And not just in sound—with her door-knocker earrings and big fro, the femcee flawlessly channels Neneh Cherry’s 80′s fashion swag (bomber jacket and all) but with her own stylish modern twist. Get it girl! With have our eye(s) on you!

Watch the video and grab the hyper-sonic TWIN iDoL Remix of the track below!

Mercedes - Facebook \ SoundCloud

Elliphant – “Music Is Life” [Official Video]



Although we’ve been blogging about Swedish artist Elliphant (aka Ellinor Olovsdotter) from the very beginning, we don’t think people have yet caught-up to the sheer magnificence of Elliphant’s infectious gender-bending sound yet—but I think that’s about to change. Ever since we heard (and wrote about) Elliphant’s island-tinged, radio friendly banger “Music Is Life” we knew immediately it was theee song that will finally push the singer out of the blogs into your iPods.

Music Is Life’ was  recorded in both Sweden and Jamaica earlier this year and is her first official single in the States. The track features Jamaican roots & reggae artist Ras Fraser Jr. It’s also the first official release under Dr. Luke’s Sony Music Entertainment label Kemosabe Records.  Music Is Life’ is a celebration of the two respective cultures and the signature sounds that derive from them; perfectly blending soulful reggae with 90’s inspired pop beats and synths.

Check out the cool as sh*t video for the single below and be sure to grab ‘Music Is Life’ as well as Elephant’s banging Self-titled debut EP on iTunes…and get your party on!

Elliphant (Facebook) (Soundcloud) (iTunes)

Zebra Katz. “DRKLNG” [NEW EP\Mixtape]



 ”First name ZEBRA, last name KATZ, middle name FUCKIN’ watchu know about that”

ZEBRA *FUCKIN’* KATZ brand NEW EP, “DRKLNG” is a bombastic, broody, deliciously evil dark foray into an avant-garde world of fashion, darkened streets and underground clubs. Where the minimalist sounds of industrial gothic beats and hip-hop samples control your body and mind.

Your host, a shadowy mothman like being, dressed in Alexander Wang all-black-everything named, Zebra Katz welcomes you in—into the “DRKLNG” ball. “I just wanna sit and chill and smoke with Jay-Z, Shit, yeah motherfucker, bring Yeezy!”  Katz proclaims as the opening track ‘Josephine Effect’ creeps in.

As you smoke a blunt and sip on Hennessy the sound of a Lion’s growl is heard; then the loud bass and menacing atmospheric beats of ‘Pulla Stunt’ ring-in “That’s honey to the badger, I don’t give no fucks, Calm yourself, bitch, please Inhale, fall back, catch your breath, eeeease Katz slowly demands as the mysterious groove of the track settles in. The track is followed by ‘Ima Lead’ a killer, re-imagined lesson in the art of ‘reading’ by royal guest, Busta Rhymes; “take that bitch to my fortress, might fuck around, fuck her in her office” Busta proclaims with a tongue twisting delivery over the tracks hyperactive dance-beats.

As red lights and fog filled the dancefloor the intoxicating sensual flow of ‘Y I DO’ draws you in. There is no escaping the visceral rhymes of Katz. Like Beez In The Trap your body and mind give in. Before you know it, you’re in the zone. And now your booty-dropping to ‘Drk World’ and ‘Blk Wiccan,’ two intoxicating, highly energetic bangers driven by deep-house vocals and inescapable vibrant bass lines.


As you try to catch your breath and wipe the sweat off your head, the dark lord slows it down. It is time for ‘Lst Ctrl,’ a synth heavy, mesmerizing dance track that serves as an introduction to Katz’s macabre cover of Tiffany’s, ‘I think We’re Alone Now.’ Katz’s rendition of the 80′s teen classic is given a chilling remake; something out of the Halloween soundtrack; complete with menacing synthesizers and spacey sonic waves that rumble above Katz’s uncanny narration.


The eerie enticing vibes continue with ‘W2TDS,’ a shiver inducing track with psychedelic tones that slowly get more and more entrancing with each demanding verse. As Katz’s ungodly masterful sounds subdue your mind the closing tracks ‘3rd Dgre’ and ‘Last Name, Katz’ kick-in. The hard-hitting gangsta tracks take Katz’s Stylin’ and rhyming skills to legendary pastures. Above funky Prince-like guitars, distorted echoing vocals and with an old-school-rap-flow Katz masterfully ends the show imprinting his name on your brain,“First name ZEBRA, last name KATZ, middle name FUCKIN’ watchu know about that.”



ZEBRA KATZiTunes \Facebook \Soundcloud

Elliphant – “Music Is Life” [New Track]


Ellinor Olovsdotter aka Elliphant has been releasing jam after jam after jam (In the Jungle, Tekkno Scene, Live Till I Die, Down on Life and more) ever since our brief  introduction back in early 2012. Well, the Swedish electro-dance singer\rapper has unleashed another banger to add to her already killer collection. Check out the new dancehall anthem, “Music Is Life” featuring Jamaica’s Ras Fraser Jr.

“You may be poor, but music is free. A shitty day but then you press play…music protect you all day”

SUMMER TUNE!! Take a listen!

Elliphant (Facebook) (Soundcloud)