CocknBullkid – Hold On To Your Mixtape

I had a bit of a late start on Anita Blay’s music. Anita is better known as the CocknBullKid and her sound is a mixture of sassy electro-pop-dance-synth music. Thanks to the amazing guys at HardCandyMusic (Blogroll) I’m on a 101 crash course of all things Anita Blay!

You should join me! and hear why Anita“CocknBullKid” Blay deserves her time in the spotlight!!

Below is the recently released “Hold On To You Mixtape” by CocknBullKid. It’s a 48minute long-play track featuring some of her early work. The mixtape was remixed by Metronoby‘s Olugbenga. And it’s crazy good!! I have it on repeat for last three hours! This mixtape is also available as a free download!!! just follow the link below.

Check the next page for some or her current videos, singles, remixes and more CocknBullKid greatness! 😉

CocknBullKid’s american debut album “Adulthood” drops on May, 11th.


CocknBullKid + Olugbenga – ‘Hold On To Your Mixtape’ by Stayloose


DOWNLOAD Mixtape here – CocknBullKid “Hold On To Your Mixtape”