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Jessie Ware – “No To Love” The Remixes EP


Soultress and breakthrough artist of the year, Jessie Ware continues her string of killer remixes with the excellent “No To Love.”

The groovy track gets a deserving EP with remixes by George Fitzgerald, Ewan Pearson and Todd Edwards. Each producer adds their own spin and flavor to the track; from an 80’s take by Ewan Pearson to a futuristic upbeat dance mix by Todd Edwards while Fitzgerald maintains the soulful essence of the track.

“No To Love” is taken from Jessie Ware’s stunning debut, Devotion (Out Now)

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Introducing: Py

Introducing British vocalist Py (aka Jade Pybus) and her incredible new single “Lungs”

The gorgeous echoing house track, produced by George Fitzgerald is centered around love as a destructive concept, ‘Lungs’ acknowledges that where love exists, so does jealous and cheat; that when you love someone, your very essence of being is controlled by them.

The sultry ‘Lungs’ is taken from Py‘s mixtape ‘Tripping On Wisdom,’ currently available as FREE download! Simply follow the talented Py on her Facebook page to receive the download link.

Watch the hypnotic video for ‘Lungs’ and preview the must-have ‘Tripping On Wisdom’ mixtape below!

Py (Facebook)

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