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Róisín Murphy Announces New Album Take Her Up To Monto and Shares “Mastermind”!


Legendary disco songstress Roisin Murphy is not letting years go by this time around! Today she announced the name and a release date of a brand new album called, Take Her Up To Monto (album artwork above) out on July 8th! This is an unexpected yet very welcome surprise (understatement) to all us fans; given the fact that her last record, 2015’s majestic and critically praised Hairless Toys, took 8 years to arrive.

For the past week Murphy has been teasing the new material via social media with video-clips of her dancing inside a metro station and on the streets. The clips will most likely be part of the official video for the brand new single “Mastermind” which you can listen to below.

Check it out!

Album tracklisting and European live dates below.

Teaser clips:

A video posted by @roisinmurphyofficial on

A video posted by @roisinmurphyofficial on

A video posted by @roisinmurphyofficial on

Album Tracklisting:
01 Mastermind
02 Pretty Gardens
03 Thoughts Wasted
04 Lip Service
05 Ten Miles High
06 Whatever
07 Romantic Comedy
08 Nervous Sleep
09 Sitting and Counting

European Tour Dates:
06-19 Reykyavik, Iceland – Secret Solstice
06-22-26 Somerset, England  Glastonbury Festival
07-15-17 Dublin, Ireland – Longitude
08-13 Budapest, Hungary – Sziget Festival
08-19  Hasselt, Belgium – Pukkelpop
08-28 Kingham, England – The Big Feastival
09-01-04 Portmeirion, Wales – Festival No. 6
09-10 London, England – On Blackheath


LittleBoots-Working Girl20 – Little BootsWorking Girl

asap-rocky-at-long-last-asap19 – A$AP RockyAT.LONG.LAST.A$AP


karinparkapocalypse18 – Karin ParkApocalypse Pop

elliGouldingDelirium17 – Ellie GouldingDelirium

16 – The Dead WeatherDodge and Burn

peaches-rub15 – PeachesRUB

The do-shake-shooken14 – The DøShake, Shook, Shaken

Years_&_Years_-_Communion13 – Years & YearsCommunion

Kali_Uchis12 – Kali UlchisPor Vida

Bjork-Vulnicura11 – Bjork – Vulnicura


Troye_Sivan_-_Blue_Neighbourhood10 – Troye Sivan – Blue Neighborhood


9- Carly Ray JespenE*MO*TION

Halsey_-_Badlands8 – Halsey – BADLANDS

Florence_and_the_Machine_-_How_Big7 – Florence + The MachineHow Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

Empress-Of-Me-560x5606 –  Empress OfMe

On her stunning debut, Lorely Rodriguez aka Empress Of delivers one of the most personal and engrossing electronic albums released this year. After moving from Brooklyn to a remote town in Mexico; Rodriguez wrote, recorded, and produced Me entirely on her own. Her time in isolation is greatly reflected on the album’s minimalist dance sound and deeply personal lyrics. Every song on this record feels like a page torn from her diary; with vivid verses that capture intense moments of love, sex (“Nothing comes between us/ But a piece of latex/ When you tear my clothes off/ Like I was a paycheck”), breakup (“You’re just a heart to break / Easy to manipulate / I want to care much more / But I’m feeling less and less.”) to intimate moments of doubt and self reflection. This album isn’t just a showcase of great songwriting craftsmanship; but also, a brilliant display of innovated, emotionally-driven, DIY dance-music.

shamir-ratchet5 – ShamirRatchet

Although Shamir’s debut title might suggest an “obscene” or “sloppy” (for lack of a better word) musical inclination; nothing could be farther from the truth. There’s nothing Ratchet about this glorious release by the talented 20-year-old Shamir Bailey. With his electric-falsetto and sassy vocals; along with productions that varied from Funk, R&B, Disco to 80s-electropop; the album offers plenty of brilliant, unexpected dance moments that contrasts the electropop perfectionism of Hot Chip and the funky, gender-fluidity of Prince. Simply put— a FUN, FUN, FUN, FUNKY record!

Miguel-Wildheart4 – MiguelWildheart

Miguel’s third album Wildheart could be greatly considered as an exploration of soul-searching by way of pure sexual hedonism. From the sleek and bold sexual ride of “The Valley” to the R&B seduction of “Coffee” and “Flesh” to the desolate moments of “what’s normal anyway”; Miguel masterly blurs the lines between love, sex and solitude on this dreamy, psychedelic ride for self-acceptance and discovery. Much like the steamy, color-melting blend of the album’s artwork, the sound of Wildheart  is a sultry mixture of funky-electronica, trippy-guitar riffs over broody, R&B soundscapes. An absolutely incredible record!

RoisinMurphy-HairlessToys3 –  Roisin MurphyHairless Toys

Hairless Toys was not the pop record we were expecting after an 8-year absence; instead the divine Ms. Roisin Murphy blessed us with a regal musical piece that showcased her artistry extending far beyond the confining limits of pop —musically and visually (watch the videos!!). The sultry, Italo-disco groove of “Gone Fishing”, the Jazzy, synth-mutations of “Exploitation” and the funky, glimmering-pop beats of “Evil Eyes” are pinnacles that highlight her bravery, technicality, innovation and uncompromising, ever-evolving musical brilliance. Bravo, Ms. Murphy!

Abra-Rose2 – ABRARose

Undeniably, ABRA’s Rose is one of the best DIY records released this year! The self-proclaimed “darkwave duchess” emerged early in 2015 with a sleek brand of gloomy, dance-jams that fused elements of house, nu-wave,  R&B and 90s-electronica. Although most of the tracks are built around samples, low-key rhythms and snare drums; the self-produced artist manages to boast a lustrous musical space that’s sensually alluring and technically innovated at every turn. Her bald, lingering lyrics and sexy, honey-combs vocals add a layer of female empowerment and sensual confidence to the record that’s on par with Rihanna and FKA twigs. ABRA is yet to fully bloom; but we can already see the exciting potential behind every single petal of this captivating, electric Rose. BUY THIS!



1 – GrimesArt Angels

There something indescribable about the music of Art Angles that is truly captivating.  It has elements of dance, hip-hop, shoegaze, new wave, industrial, alt-rock and trip-hop… to try to pin-point its root genre is practically impossible. And yet, we can all agree that it’s a pop record. A pop record unlike any other. A pop record with a message. ‘Cause underneath it’s dazzling, shimmering pop concoctions lies commentary on current social issues; subjects like the treatment of female musicians in the industry (“California”), global warming (“Butterfly”) and environmental change (“Life In The Vivid Dream”). Grimes wrote, composed, performed, recorded, produced, and engineered the album in its entirety; a trade we’re seeing more and more these days with new female artist ( See above; ABRA, Empress Of) but one that is hardly ever publicize. So, Art Angels’ message isn’t simply on prevailing social issues, but a highlight of female empowerment, technical artistry and purveyance of innovation. A truly defining moment for female musicians; but most importantly, for pop music.

Róisín Murphy – “Evil Eyes” [Official Video]

Rosin Murphy provides another stimulating visual treat on her second, self-directed video for new single, “Evil Eyes”.

While Murphy’s first video for “Exploitation” gave us with a glimpse into the mind on woman on the verge of metal breakdown; “Evil Eyes” takes us through it’s dark, fragile stages and confounding aftereffects.

“Evil Eyes” is taken from the album Hairless Toys, out now.

Share your thoughts on the video below?!

Róisín Murphy – “Exploitation” [Official Video!]

The divine Róisín Murphy is on the verge of a nervous breakdown on her directorial video debut for the brand new single, “Exploitation”. Looking quite stunning; Murphy plays a frazzle actress trying to maintain her sanity between work and an exploitative lover.

Murphy comments: “As a grown up in this industry and someone who has always had a huge involvement in the visual side, it felt like it was time I took complete control of my image. I had a crystal clear vision for this video, after all I’ve had 8 years of collecting references and inspiration building up to it,”.

“It’s the story of an actress and a love affair. It’s about selling out, manipulation and exploitation within creative work and in a relationship. It’s ironic because as my own director I’m exploiting myself (if that’s possible) but I am manipulating you.”

The slinky, shape-shifting jazzy track is the second cut (“Gone Fishing” being the first) shared from her upcoming brand new album, Hairless Toys out on May 12th!

Thoughts on the video?!

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Mason ft Roisin Murphy – “Boadicea” [Oliver $ Remix]

This remix by the great Oliver is about 4-years old— but like any good-ole remix of lady Murphy it hasn’t aged a bit!

The original mid-tempo version of “Boadicea” was released back in 2011 by Amsterdam-based DJ\Producer Mason (aka Iason Chronis) the vocal session was recorded while the divine Miss Murphy was pregnant. The track appeared on Mason’s debut “They Are Among Us”.

Enjoy the remix!

Click the DL link for the FREE download.

Róisín Murphy Unveils The Brand New Track “Exploitation”

The divine Róisín Murphy who recently announced the arrival of her brand new LP, Hairless Toys on May 12, has just shared a brand new track from the record called “Exploitation”! The slinky, sort-of jazzy and bossa-leaning cut, follows the previously unveiled, “Gone Fishing” (below), the leading track taken from the same album.

Check it out!

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Róisín Murphy’s Eurpean Tour Dates:

05-12 Manchester, England – Gorilla
05-13 Brighton, England – Concorde
05-14 Bristol, England – Trinity
05-16 London, England – Roundhouse
05-22 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paradiso
05-23 Brussels, Belgium – Ancienne Belgique
05-24 Mannheim, Germany – Maifield Derby
05-29 Cologne, Germany – Electronic Beats
05-30 Hamburg, Germany – Grosse Freiheit
05-31 Berlin, Germany – Berlin Festival
06-05 Zurich, Switzerland – Kauflenten
06-06 Lille, France – Heartbeats Festival
06-19 Barcelona, Spain – Sonar
06-26 Werchter, Belgium – Rock Werchter, The Barn
07-10 Lisbon, Portugal – Optimus Alive H9
07-24 Plock, Poland – Audioriver Festival
08-08 Oxfordshire, England – Wilderness Festival
09-05 Dublin, Ireland – Electric Picnic
09-13 Isle of Wight, England – Bestival

Luca C & Brigante – “Invisions” featuring Róisín Murphy

After their massive “Flash Of Light” collaboration back in 2012 London-Based duo Luca C & Brigante team-up once again with disco-dance diva Róisín Murphy for “Invisions” a brand new track for independent dance label, Hot Creations.

The brand new tune is a dreamy, Italo-House jam that will make any Moloko fan very happy. The track’s deep bass line, shimmering disco groove along with Murphy’s timeless vocals feels and sounds like a glorious trip back to Moloko’s early days—making us wish for that “possible” reunion tour even more! Listen!

“Invisions” will feature a ‘Club Version’ of the song plus remixes by Luke Solomon and Hot Creations boss Jamie Jones.

Check out the 2min. preview below!

“Invisions” arrives December 8th.


Róisín Murphy – “Ramalama” (Bang Bang) [Rob Mooney & Junior Gee Remix]

Oldie but goodie! This remix is about 4-years-old but since all of Róisín Murphy’s songs and remixes are simply timeless; I thought I share this with y’all today. Grab the incredible house remix of the divine Ms. Murphy’s “Ramalama” from her glorious 2005 debut, Ruby Blue  by UK DJ\Producers Rob Mooney & Junior Gee.

Below is the Irish diva performing “Ramalama” live at Germany’s Melt! Festival in 2005.

Personal plead note : Dear Ms. Murphy, can we PLEASE  get a proper followup to the majestic, Overpowered?! The time is now! xo

Róisín Murphy – “IN SINTESI” [Psychemagik Remix + Stream ‘Mi Senti’ EP]

UK DJ\Producer Psychemagik takes on the divine Róisín Murphy‘s “In Sintesi” from the the all-Italian EP, ‘Mi Senti’!

Listen to the sexy and funkadelic dance remix via a video mashup of Paolo Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty.

And for more listening pleasure, stream Murphy’s ‘Mi Senti’ in full below.!

Róisín Murphy – IN SINTESI (Psychemagik Remix) from Roisin Murphy on Vimeo.

Roisin Murphy talks New Album, a MOLOKO reunion and more in NEW interview!!


A new interview with Disco-Dance diva, Róisín Murphy has recently surfaced. The interview took place back in January of this year by Irish radio presenter, Rory Hall. In the interview, the divine Ms. Murphy discusses an Italian language project, a new album, a House EP (YES!!) and a possible Moloko reunion (YES PLEASE!!).

Róisín Murphy:

“I have been incredibly productive of late actually. I’ve got a finished project which is called (…) Mi Senti, an Italian language project, where I sing in Italian. That will come out in May. And I’m working on an album, a Roisin Murphy album, which is going really well. I’ve got a single coming out on Eskimo records soon called Leviathan, which is a collaboration with Freeform Five. I’m doing another house music EP. I’ve been lazy for a long time, I’ve had two children, but it’s all starting to converge at one time, it’s like buses.”

A very surprising and fun fact to emerge from the interview is that Murphy is a fan of Alt-Rock-Punk bands Stones Roses, Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth! Sonic Youth was the very first band I saw live in concert (you always remember your first, haha!); it was during the band’s ‘GOO’ album tour back in 1990! I’m a huge Sonic Youth fanatic, so this very fact makes me admire and love Roisin Murphy even MORE!

Listen to the entire interview below and hear a short preview of “Pensiero Stupendo” from Murphy’s upcoming Italian project, Mi Senti.

As you know, we haven’t had a proper Róisín Murphy record since the incredible, Overpowered’ back in 2007. But that’s not to say that Murphy hasn’t been busy releasing new material. Since 2007, there have been plenty of singles and collaborations (Hot Natured, Toddla T, Crookers, Etc.) that collectively, could make an amazing RóMu record. Below is a playlist I’ve created to give you an idea of what that record would sound like. Enjoy!

Roisin Murphy Playlist 2014

1 – Freeform Five – Leviathan Featuring Roisin Murphy
2 – Boris D’lugosch – Look Around You Featuring Roisin Murphy
3 – Boris D’lugosch – Never Enough Featuring Roisin Murphy
4 – Hot Natured – Alternate State featuring Roisin Murphy –
5 – David Morales – Golden Era Featuring Roisin Murphy
6 – Crookers – Royal T Featuring Roisin Murphy
7 – Crookers –  Hold Up Your Hand Featuring Roisin Murphy
8 – Toddla T – Cherry Picking Featuring Roisin Murphy
9 – Luca C & Brigante – Flash Of Light Featuring Roisin Murphy
10 – Mason – Boadicea Featuring Roisin Murphy
11 – Fatboy Slim & David Byrne and Roisin Murphy – Don’t You Agree
12 – Marius De Vries – Yellow Moon Featuring Roisin Murphy
13 – Roisin Murphy – Orally Fixated
14 – Roisin Murphy – Momma’s Place

(Let me know if I’ve missed any?!)

Róisín MurphyiTunes

P.S. Thank you Rory Hall for this incredible and insightful interview!



Nothing matters today but this brand new tune by Bosnian producer Solomun called “GAMBLE ON YOU” featuring the intoxicating, soulful vocals of the divine, Róisín Murphy!

The track is dark and vibrant dace number with a pulsing production that slowly gets more aggressive and sexier at every beat; while Murphy’s voice, yet again, effortlessly seduces you into a sonic trance.

“GAMBLE ON YOU” is just tremendous! The world needs another Róisín Murphy album ASAP!

shout-out to our friends over at Hard Candy for finding this!