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STEED LORD – “CURTAIN CALL” [Official Video]

Icelandic synthpop-trio STEED LORD (Mega, Kali, and Eddie) delivers a fashionable visual treat for their latest single, “Curtain Call.” In the video, Directed by Einar Egilsson, we see lead-singer Kali in a stunning, avant-garde collection of chic ensembles roaming the streets of L.A as she gets the courage to finally draw the curtains on a ill-fated love affair. “Mending broken hearts is like puzzle, Curtain Call, Don’t wanna be still in love with you, here are my last words we are through”  Kali gently sings above the lush, sensual chorus.

“Curtain Call” has been in heavy rotation around here since we premiered the track back in January (here) and this video is simply just an added bonus to what is certainly one of the best tracks to emerge this year. As always, we can’t wait to hear (and see) what’s next to come from the L.A-Based trio.

“Curtain Call” is taken from the upcoming album “The Prophecy Pt. 2”

Watch, Love, Repeat!

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Premiere: STEED LORD – “Curtain Call” [New Single]

Steed Lord

Icelandic synthpop-trio STEED LORD (Mega, Kali, and Eddie) return with “Curtain Call” their first single taken from the upcoming new album, “The Prophecy Pt. 2,” a follow-up to 2012’s incredible, cinematic dance-odyssey, “The Prophecy Pt. 1.”

The new track is a lush, nu-disco jam that gently warms-up to the sound of a retro-futuristic groove and a deep pulsating synth as Kali’s inescapable vocals gently glide along the sensual beat. “Curtain Call” is another fine production by the Icelandic trio that’s nothing short of sheer perfection.

“Curtain Call” is out now via Bandcamp.

Now hit play, sway, groove, repeat, repeat, and repeat.

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STEED LORD – “Secret Love” [New Track]

By now you should all know that STEED LORD is synonymous for ‘perfection’ and ‘good-shit’— ’cause that’s all these guys deliver.

Diva and vocal powerhouse Kali, once again slays in the new track, ‘Secret Love’ by delivering a soulful and sensual vocal performance.I don’t love you, but I want you… Secret Love” Kali slowly whispers while the beat of bells and smooth 90’s-House bass burns in the background.

‘Secret Love’ is pure vocal pleasure and musically is one of the sexiest track Steed Lord has ever released. THIS IS A MUST HAVE TRACK!

“Secret Love” is taken from the trio’s forthcoming album The Prophecy pt. 1. Which you can pre-order now via bandcamp and immediately receive ‘Secret Love’ ‘Precognition’ and ‘Hear Me Now’ as instant downloads.

The Prophecy pt. 1 arrives December 1.

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STEED LORD – “Hear Me Now” [Brand NEW SINGLE!]


YES!! One of the most talented, raddest and hardest working band in electronic music, STEED LORD have just unleashed a brand new killer track entitled “Hear Me Now.” The new track plus the recently released “Precognition” mark their return to music with all new original material for their upcoming, sure-to-be-epic new album, The Prophecy.

A remix version of “Hear Me Now” originally premiered a week ago on the TV show So You Think You Can Dance via a choreographed dance routine by the bands long time collaborator (and the only reason why I watch the show) all-around genius, Sonya Tayeh!

The official video to “Hear Me Now” should be arriving any minute now (below is a teaser image.)

Head on over to STEED LORD‘s Bandcamp page to pre-order the Hear Me Now EP and download a few remixes of the track.

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Teaser image from upcoming video.

STEED LORD – Hideaway (New Track)

After endlessly waiting to hear new material from electro-dance purveyors and rulers of all things cool, dope and musically rad, STEED LORD has finally unleashed an insane new track that is simply out of this world!

The new track “Hideaway” is a cover of 90’s dance-house group De’Lacy.

Soulful diva Kali Bjorgvins brings the oldie but goodie track back into the dance floor with a full dose of vocal swag and independent woman attitude. Kali’s vocals on this house classic update are simply exquisite, empowering, and unstoppable at the same time. The track is simply amazing!

I’m really hopping to hear a new album announcement pretty soon?!!

To download “Hideaway” for free, simply follow the band on Facebook then click on *New Single*

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Legend – Devil In Me (STEED LORD REMIX)


Iceland’s Electro-industrial duo Legend (Named after the movie Legend by Ridley Scott) comprised of Krummi Björgvinsson & Halldór A Björnsson receive an instant shot of pure attitude, swag and radness by way of a sickening remix by fellow electro-dance masters STEED LORD.

Devil In Me is taken from Legend‘s upcoming debut ‘Fearless

If you dig the track (as much as I do) and want to elevate your coolness level to 100 by telling your friends you’ve heard of STEED LORD and LEGEND, then follow the bands on Facebook to download this sick remix PLUS the original version of the track for FREE!! Do it now!

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Steed Lord - Bed Of Needles

Here it is! The brand new video for BED OF NEEDLES by Electro-Dance masters and vangurdians of Art, Music and all things rad and cool, STEED LORD!

Kali, MEGA and Eddie have yet again outdone themselves with this fantastic visual art piece!

Directed by member Einar ‘Mega’ Egilsson, the video re-unites the band with choreographer Sonya Tayeh (So You Think You Can Dance) to help visualize the emotions of the lyrics and song with her impressive choreography.

The production of Bed Of Needles is phenomenal! From the wardrobe to the make-up, vocal diva Kali looks striking in every frame. A few shots but mostly of the wedding dress remind me of old Italian cinema; horror master Lucio Fulci comes to mind. And can I just loudly shout HELL FRACKING YEAH!!! for closing the video with the AKS & Syndaesia’s banging dubstep remix!

This cinematic masterpiece down to the one-sheet poster you see above reasserts that much like their Icelandic fellow friend Björk, Steed Lord is not just about delivering amazing dance music, but sonic visual art pieces as well.

Get the video version of Bed Of Needles Here and find more STEED LORD on (iTunes) and visit their SoundCloud page for some sick remixes Here.

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Steed Lord – Bed Of Needles + Remixes by Steed Lord

…one final thought

THIS IS: Steed Lord

I’ve been meaning to write about Steed Lord for some time now but never got the chance to properly introduce the band. I’ve been quietly obsessing and enjoying their music for a while but I think its time to share their brilliance with y’all.

STEED LORD is a genius musical performance art project from Iceland. They are independent musicians that release all their music on their own label New Crack City Records; and have been making homemade electronic music since 2006. The trio, comprised of MEGA, DEMO and vocal diva KALI, draw their raw inspiration and creativity from their Icelandic background, experimental filmmaking, photography, fashion, art direction, graphic design and other visual mediums. They are filmakers, musicians and designers at heart. (Peek at some of their fashions HERE) But best of all, they make amazing, uber cool, incredibly sick electronic-dance music.

Steed Lord "Heart II Heart"

Steed Lord‘s second album “Heart II Heart” released in 2010 (a must have album) is packed with bangin’ electro dance numbers and plenty of synth to light-up the Empire State building. It includes the house jams Bed of Needles, 123, If You Want Me and the electro monster track Vanguardian. Plus, it offers plenty of single remixes to go around.

The band is currently working on their new album but took some time to release “The Eddie House EP” a 6-track collection of old, new and re-worked material of burning hot disco-house anthems with outstanding soulful vocals by lead singer KALI. “The Eddie House EP” is a must have album for any dance music freaks out there. I bought the EP upon hearing the first two tracks!

OK, enough of an introduction… play their music NOW! and support these talented Independent master musicians by buying their records!!

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Steed Lord – Vanguardian by Steed Lord

Steed Lord – One Good Reason by Steed Lord

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