NU MUSIC: G3NESIS – “Yes Daddy” [Video] + SWITCH [New Track]


Introducing Vancouver’s female rap/hip-hop duo G3NESIS comprised of Genesis Mohanraj and Kelin Kaardal.

The duo’s debut single, “Yes Daddy” is a gritty, lo-fi- tune that plays like a fresh, Grimes meets Kitty Pryde collaboration; with crazy tongue-twisting rhymes by Genesis Mohanraj. The track’s keyboard-twinkles and risqué, lolita-esque rhymes possess a lingering hypnotic effect — we literally can’t stop re-playing this tune.

Yesterday, the duo unleashed another killer cut via their Soundcloud page called “Switch.” The track is a screeching, synth-based banger with the same sonic and fresh rhyme-delivery as the aforementioned track. This time though, is Kelin Kaardal’s mesmerizing, baby-like-voice hooks that shine throughout the track.

“Switch” will get you hooked! Check it out

G3NESIS (Facebook) (Soundcloud)

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