Anne-Marie – “BOY” [Official Video]

After weakening our emotional senses with the sensual R&B track “Gemini” and the soulful “Karate“; the beautiful Anne-Marie returns with another stellar pop tune called, “BOY“!

Addressing the age-old question every girl has: Is he or is he not?! Anne-Marie adds her own fun and funky, soulful spin to the complex subject of sexuality and dating in 2015! Although, in the colorful video, directed by Courtney Phillips, the answers seems to be very clear!

This is the most fun we had watching and listening to a song in a LONG time! We had a mile-wide smile from beginning to end. We need more original, smart pop music like this!

Anne-Marie is currently working with Two Inch Punch, Steve Mac and more on her debut album, set to release next summer. We can’t wait!


Anne-Marie – Facebook | iTunes

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