“Lights, Camera, Action” DENA Is Back With A Groovy New Jam!

Yes! Bulgarian-born, Berlin-based artist DENA returns with a cool and funky, easy-breezy tune called “Lights, Camera, Action” from her new, upcoming EP “Trust” out Sept. 2nd 2016.

The new track sounds very different from any other song off  her 2014 rap-leaning debut, Flash. In terms of sound, Flash sounded more-or-less like an experimental hip-hop record; and this new venture offers a much more refined and polished pop sound. “Lights, camera, action and you’re on, you have 30seconds to convince me you’re the one” DENA candidly sings (she sings!!!) during the track’s groovy, italo-vibing chorus.  We are so down with this jam! Such a summer song! Yes!

“Lights, Camera, Action” is out now.

Check it out!

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