Salt Ashes Unveils Dark and Sensual Video for ‘Save It’!

British singer Salt Ashes (real name Veiga Sanchez) unveils the dark and sensual video for ‘Save It’. The track is taken from her phenomenal, criminally overlooked, self-tilted debut released last year.

“I wanted to create an abstract and artistic piece of work that mixed darkness with beauty and sexuality with rebellion. The song is about fighting for a love that others don’t approve of, so aside from wanting to portray the obvious intense passion there’s a lot of tension and defiance within the song that I wanted to come across.” Sanchez tells Billboard

We’ve been a fan of Salt Ashes for some time now, and coincidentally, the imagery of restraint sensuality and religious visuals on this video kinda capture the essence of her debut album for us. The underground beats, dark lyrics and Sanchez ethereal vocals throughout her debut felt confessional in a spiritual-cleansing-sonic way for some reason — which is why we picked her debut as one of the Best Albums of 2016.

Check out ‘Save It’ below and let us know what you think of the video\track?!

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