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Nu Music: Sweden’s Beatrice Eli Unveils New Video for “Girls”

Nothing feels better like coming-out. That feeling of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders suddenly dissipates, and the feeling of self worth, freedom and identity finally sets in. There is no right way to do it. Some chose it to be private matter between friends and family and others go about it much more publicly. In the case of pop artist, Beatrice Eli she chose the most valiant and frankest way she knows best —by song.

 In “Girls” a slow burning, electro-charged pop-thumper, the Swedish pop singer poignantly confesses her love and attraction for well…as the title implies, girls. In a world where Katy Perry’s “I kissed A Girl” is played at Bar Mitzvahs and where Miley Cyrus swings nakedly on a wrecking ball a song like “Girls” shouldn’t be a shock to anyone but… it is this bold, sexually charged confessional that makes this glorious pop song standout greatly among your typical (or rather, basic) pop starlets. “Thinking of my teacher, yeah, my sixth grade teacher, with that long dark hair it always works getting me aroused”  Eli candidly sings before confessing “I got the girls on my mind, all the time, all the time”  during the songs thriving chorus.

In the stylish video for the single, which resembles Kylie Minogue’s “Slow,” Eli lies on the floor as the camera pans out revealing a group of rad-looking girls writhing around her in a choreographed dance to the beat of the song’s starkly and harmonious drum kicks. “Girls” is the first single unveiled since Eli’s 2012 acclaimed debut EP, “It’s Over” which we highly recommended back in 2012 here.

Hats off to you Beatrice, “Girls” is simply cool, daring and courageously incredible.

Check it!

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Premiere: Lana Del Rey – “West Coast” [Official Video]

Lana Del Rey has unveiled the video for “West Coast”. The black-and-white video is a continuation from the 1min. (or so) loop video we got to see during the official audio premiere last month (below). The video sees Lana walking around the beach and driving along the coast smoking a cigarette…soon after, the video turns into a “Natural Born Killers” sort-of montage; with Lana seductively dancing behind a fiery backdrop reminiscing of the movie nightmarish scenes.

There is no official released date for Lana’s new album Ultraviolence but “West Coast” is available now for download.

Watch below or click here to see the video directly from premiering site, Vevo.


Austra – “Habitat” [Brand New Track + EP]

Toronto’s Austra (Named after the Latvian goddess of light, of course) have premiered a beautifully haunting new track called ‘Habitat’ from the upcoming EP of the same name.

Habitat will be available digitally, and as a limited edition12” vinyl. In addition to the single, the EP will include 3 new instrumental tracks by the band. Listen!

Habitat arrives June 17!

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Eli & Fur with Shadow Child – “Seeing Is Believing” [New Track]

Listen to this dreamy, deep-house jam called “Seeing Is Believing” by London’s  Shadow Child and one of our long time favs, Eli & Fur! We are loving this joined ventured by the two powerhouses! And it looks like an official video for the tune is on it’s way. The ladies recently posted the following teaser pic for the video on their Facebook. Can’t wait for that visual treat!



Nu Music: Max Elto – “Daniel” [Official Music Video]


Following the release of the well-received ‘Backyard Animals’ and ‘Shadow of the Sun’, Swedish producer and vocalist duo Max Elto comprised of Tom Liljegren and Alexander Ryberg unveil the highly anticipated video for the chilling, deep-house tune, ‘Daniel.’ The track is taken from the duo’s stunning debut EP Taped Rai. One of the best EPs released this year so far. Watch!

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Lovestarrs – “Get Your Sexy On” [Brand New Single and Official Video]

Back in July of 2013 electro-pop-noir trio The Good Natured made an announcement on their Facebook page that they had been dropped by their label; to the heartbreak of their fans (including us) that meant their highly anticipated debut album “Prism” would never see the light of day. Although a painful message, the band assured their fans it was not the end: “When one door closes another opens. You have to pick yourself up, be bigger, be stronger. For The Good Natured it is the end of the road, but it’s safe to say there is something better around the corner”

Making good on their promise, the band comprised of lead singer Sarah McIntosh, her brother Hamish and George Hinton are finally back. Re-branded now as the Lovestarrs the trio returns with the fantastic electro-pop-anthem, “Get Your Sexy On.” Co-Produced by Olle Blomström and Melody Club’s Kristofer Östergren the track is essentially about moving out of that dreaded ‘friends zone;’ “You’re clueless to how I’m really feeling, We’re on our own, you gotta know, So come on and take it off…Get your sexy on”  Sarah flirtatiously sings before the song breaks into its anthemic, addictively catchy chorus.

Get Your Sexy On” is such a great comeback song by the band; it offers all of what we loved about the Good Natured; a well-crafted, synthpop production, Sarah’s not so subtle sexual lyricism, and an instantly catchy chorus — It’s an undeniable fact that they know how to make a great pop record and ”Get Your Sexy On” is just another great example of what they aiming-for this time around…the starrs.

Check out Sarah’s magical, match making skills in the newly released video for the catchy single now. Share your thoughts below!

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LISTEN: Basement Jaxx Unveils New Track “Unicorn’

Nearly four years since their last official album release, and having taken time out to write a couple of film scores and produce an orchestral album, Basement Jaxx are gearing up to announce details of their new full length, due this summer. The first taste of which comes in the form of album track “Unicorn.”  The duo hasn’t missed a beat! Listen to the energetic, house banger below!

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Röyksopp & Robyn – “Do It Again” [Lyric Video]

As we patiently await the arrival of Röyksopp & Robyn’s official video for  “Do It Again” here is the just released lyric video to ease the anticipation.

Message from Röyksopp: “We’re just about to shoot a full video for “Do It Again”. Awaiting it’s completion, the most impatient souls out there can spend the meantime losing themselves in this mesmerizing black&white hypno-bonanza – and even sing along should they so desire..”