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Grimes Drops New Track “SCREAM” And Shares “Art Angels” Illustrations!!

When her new single “Flesh Without Blood” recently dropped; many of you were quick to label the song ‘radio friendly’ and\or criticize Claire for sounding ‘too pop’. Well, the newly released song “Scream” featuring Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes  is a way for Grimes to reassure you that the weird, talented and innovated girl who made Geidi Primes  and Visions is still around! 

Over at her tumblr page– which on itself it’s a glorious, ever-growing visual-art piece– Grimes unveiled the illustrations she made for every track on the Art Angels album  + the Mandarin-English translation of “Scream”.

Check it out below!

Art Angels  drops November 6!


verse 1
The screams that are buried in the lungs
Buried in the bones and the muscles
Unexploded, undeniable
Cram into a sickness
What used to be dry is now sodden
Swollen, meaty, moist and juicy
My teeth are bouncing off it
A woman pulls out the headful of black hair with her bare hands
Walks along the mountain ridges in a dream
Remembrance swarms like mosquitos
Opening up the unfocused eyes
As if… Quick, spread the legs without desire wide
I take a bite, are you still unmoved
You can scream out
Tracing along your spine
My fingers created a cold lake
I look around, no one is guarding
The exhibitionist takes out his coat and jumps into it with tears on his face

verse 2
I planned to record your scream as you reached orgasm
But then realize that I’ve pressed the wrong button
The moment has been lost, irretrievable
You lie there
Struggling with the body fluid that is getting cold
Sticky, transparent, elastic flowers in my palm
I’m not satisfied; I want to squeeze more out of your body
The telephone rings at this moment
A herd of deer run past the window and at the same time
Blue winds are dispelled so quickly, wiping out the foams on the margin of the world
Escaping from your half-opened eyes
Picking up the phone, silence comes
The desire just awoken breathes and screams in the receiver
As I listen I lick away every drop of your sweat

If you can’t scream then swallow it down


Art Angels Illustrations:

World Princess part II

WorldPrincess part II

Venus Fly ft. Janelle Monáe


SCREAM ft. Aristophanes






Life in the Vivid Dream

Life in vivid

laughing and not being normal


Kill V. Maim

kill v







Belly of the beat


Flesh without Blood


Which one is your favorite?!!

MØ – “Kamikaze” [Official Video]

“Take me to the party, Kami- Kamikaze, Blame it on the buzz, I am never gonna get enough”

After delivering “Lean On” one of the best songs of the summer; Diplo and Danish singer reignite the fire with another catchy collaboration called, “Kamikaze”.

In the official video released a few days ago; MØ and crew take over the streets of Kiev, Ukraine for a royal dance party that includes  lots reckless behavior, car racing and lots of awesome dance moves!

“’Kamikaze’ is a happy party song, but at the same time also about being lost and restless,” MØ said in a press release. “What I really like about this video is that it embraces both those aspects: the party vibe – the friendships and the happiness – but also the darkness, the craziness and the doom. And it’s not just the song that has that duality, it’s very much who I am.”

“Kamikaze” is out now!

Premiere: Grimes – “Flesh Without Blood” [Official Video]


Last week, after formally revealing the title and artwork for her brand new album, Art Angels (above); today comes the first taster of brand new music from Grimes’ by way of new single, “Flesh Without Blood”! After several blogs leaked the video over the weekend; the official video for the track has now been released for the whole world to see!

In true Grimes fashion, the video is insanely amazing, fashionably striking and a colorful visual treat. Wearing a purple wig and dressed as an anime version of Marie Antoinette; the singer and crew take over a tennis court for a dance rave; while clips of her rolling around in a bed of cash wearing angel wings flash on-screen. There are also some intense moments where grimes is drenched in blood that instantly make us think of the movie, Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesThe vibrant video concludes with an added teaser of a new, beautiful ballad called, “Life In The Vivid Dream”.

Check it out!

Art Angels is expected to drop November 6!

Let us know what you think of the new songs?!

SEVDALIZA Unveils The Gorgeous Visuals for “That Other Girl”

SEVDALIZA’s debut EP, The Suspended Kid is probably one of our favorite EPs released this year. Every single track from the EP and subsequent video has led us into a beautiful state of sonic pleasure and visual hypnosis (see”Backseat Love“,“Sirens Of The Caspian”,”Marilyn Monroe“). But none other song has captivated us more than opening track, “That Other Girl”. With it’s profound lyrics, whispering vocals and minimalist— yet frenetic production; the track’s otherworldly sound is emotionally magnetic and simply impossible to shake off.

Today, the songstress unveiled the beautiful video for the track directed by visual duo, Pussykrew, which shared the following:

In this video, Sevdaliza has fallen victim to her own creation of a safe vacuum. Submissive to deep-rooted emotions and assumptions, Sevdaliza finds herself imprisoned in her own paintings and sculptures. Can she remain unflawed? She has become nothing more than a statue surrounded by surreal environments. Identity becomes a game, however she remains in control of the computed bodies. She breaks the stereotypes of gender roles and constructs to manifest a different notion of cyborgian identity.


The The Suspended Kid is out now.

Sevdaliza – Facebook | Soundcloud