NEW MUSIC: Secaina Hudson – “I Ain’t With You” [FRANKMUSIK Mix]


Who would’ve thought that breaking-up could sound this darn good—and easy! Listen to “I Ain’t With You” a collaborate tune by UK vocalist\producer Secaina Hudson and electropop crooner, FRANKMUSIK. The song is a laid-back, groovy anthem that should serve as an extra boost of courage to tell that soon-to-be-ex-lover that it’s finally what? Ovahh! Wasting not a single minute more, Hudson boldly tells it like it is during the song’s catchy opening chorus, “I ain’t with you today and I ain’t with you tomorrow, so you should go pack up your things and go back to where you came from” empowering lyrics, indeed!

Hudson’s sublime vocals along with the bouncy production makes us wish for A LOT more tunes from this talented pairing!

Secaina, we have our eyes (and ears) on you! xo

Secaina Hudson - Facebook \ Soundcloud

NEW MUSIC: Route 94 – “My Love” featuring Jess Glynne


This glorious slow-burning house-jam called “My Love” by 20-year-old UK DJ\Producer Rowan Jones aka Route 94 (a nod to the highway that connects Chicago and Detroit—where House and techno music originated) has just knocked down Pharrell’s “Happy” from the #1 top spot in the UK Official Singles Chart. The tune features the amazing soulful vocals of British singer/songwriter, Jess Glynne which you might recognize from Clean Bandit’s uplifting, “Rather Be.” We’re absolutely loving Glynne’s vocals on this!

Check out  the video below! Let us know what you think of the tune?!

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NEW MUSIC: ZHU – “Faded” + “Superfriends”


Introducing mystery artists, ZHU!

At the start of February, an anonymous track consisting of Outkast songs reworked to a futuristic dance floor medley titled ‘Moves Like Ms. Jackson’ sent ripples across the online music community, being featured and raved about across major dance music publications as well as being endorsed by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1. Rumors swirled as to the identity of the creator behind the masterful recording, with theories ranging from Duke Dumont to French Express to a collaboration between Disclosure and Outkast ahead of their joint billing at Coachella.

One week later, the artist anonymously uploaded an original track titled ‘Superfriends’. A superb, funky, Gorillaz-esque jam that sparked even more curiosity for the artist identity.

Enter ‘Faded’, the first new track to be under the artist’s pseudonym, ZHU. ‘Faded,’ is equally as fresh and exciting as ‘Superfriends.’ The deep-house tune seductively begins with a steady, italo-disco beat that slowly builds up tempo ’till  ZHU‘s smoky falsetto begin to tease “Baby I’m wasted, all I wanna do is drive home to you baby, I’m faded, All I wanna do is take you downtown baby.”

Faded,’ is simply tremendous in every possible way. This one will be on repeat ALL weekend. Listen up!

Maya Jane Coles – “Comfort” [New Video]


UK DJ\Producer Maya Jane Coles unveils a new video for the hypnotic and chilling, deep-house tune “Comfort.” In the mesmerizing video, directed by Jonas Lord, a new-born woman emerges from a white, milky substance; as she sheds her old skin, a metamorphosis of sorts takes place; transforming the woman into a otherworldly, beautifully haunting new being. Check it out!

“Comfort” is taken from Coles’ incredible 2013 debut LP of the same name.

Maya Jane Coles Facebook \ iTunes \ OfficialSite


KIDNAP KID – “Like You Used To” + “Stronger” [New EP]


Listen to this incredible new tune by London based producer Matt Relton, AKA Kidnap Kid. “Like You Used To” is a slow burning house tune that gently warms into a steady dance groove; while it’s heartwarming, soulful vocals will keep an emotional hold on you throughout its run. Simply phenomenal!

“Like You Used To” is part of Kidnap Kid’s recently released double A-side single, “Stronger” which you can also preview below. Get this!

Kidnap KidiTunes \ Facebook

ROCKY – “Chase The Cool” [Official Video]


The incredible Parisian Electro-Pop-Rock-Dance group, ROCKY fronted by the gorgeous Ines Kokou has just unleashed their latest visuals for the catchy, Caribbean-tinged, electropop jam “Chase The Cool.” The track is lifted off their recent self-tilted EP, which we love and greatly praised during our introductory feature of the band last year (here).

The visually stimulating video for “Chase The Cool” is as sunny, colorful and cool as the title implies. NOUS AIMONS ROCKY! (WE LOVE YOU ROCKY!)

Check it out!

ROCKY’s self-titled EP is out now.

ROCKY – Facebook \  Twitter \ iTunes \ Official Site \ Amazon

Hercules & Love Affair – “Do You Feel the Same?” [Brand New Track + Album!]

The Feast of the Broken Heart

NYC’s dance collective Hercules & Love Affair announces third LP, The Feast of the Broken Heart and shares the brand new acid-house jam, “Do You Feel the Same?.”

The new album was co-produced by Ha-Ze Factory and Mark Pistel and features vocal collaborations by Krystle Warren, Belgian singer Gustaph, UK’s John Grant and more!

Regarding the sound direction of the record, Andy Butler comments: “I wanted nasty basslines, stormy, bleary-eyed sounds, fiery, rough, tough and ragged old school house productions that sounded almost techno. I didn’t want polite, I wanted aggressive.”

The Feast Of The Broken Heart arrives on May 26th. “Do You Feel the Same” will be released on April 14 with non-album B-sides “Raid” and “Working Miracles”.


01 Hercules Theme 2014
02 My Offence [ft. Krystle Warren]
03 I Try to Talk to You [ft. John Grant]
04 That’s Not Me [ft. Gustaph]
05 Think [ft. Rouge Mary]
06 5.43 to Freedom [ft. Rouge Mary]
07 The Light [ft. Krystle Warren]
08 Liberty [ft. John Grant]
09 Do You Feel the Same? [ft. Gustaph]
10 The Key [ft. Rouge Mary]

Hercules & Love AffairiTunes

INDIANA – “Solo Dancing” [Nu Single] + Joe Goddard Remix


We’re extremely excited to share a brad new track and video by the incredibly talented, INDIANA! We’ve been obsessed with the vocally gifted UK Singer-songwriter ever since we introduced her back in early 2013 via her powerful ballad, ‘Blind As I Am’ and the stunning, ‘Bound.’

Well, the Nottingham-based songstress seems to be starting 2014 strong with the brand new single, ‘Solo Dancing.’ The track is a broody dance number that slowly burns to the beat of dark-disco beats and synth; while her hypnotizing vocals slowly seduced you into trance.


‘Solo Dancing’ arrives March 23th with remixes by Chris Lake, KAOS and most notably, Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) which you can preview below.

Indiana - (iTunes UK) (Facebook) (Soundcloud)

Premiere: KITTEN – “Money” [New Video]


KITTEN has finally dropped the video for the brand new track, ‘Money.’ The band’s lead singer (and rock-goddess in the making), Chloe Chaidez has been teasing the arrival of the video via the band’s Instagram with a few sexy, black-and-white photos of the shoot for about a week now. Well, the video is finally here and well…it’s ALL kinds of awesome! The video features Chaidez and Ariel Pink hanging out in a cheap hotel room, smoking and boozing (probably high as a kite too, LOL) while Chloe takes random dips in the hotel pool. The video plays like a Spring Breakers missing scene; I only wish it starred James Franco’s movie character ‘Alien’ instead of Ariel Pink.

Chaidez tells Pitchfork:

In the process of recording the Kitten album we kept coming up with really cool ideas/beats that didn’t quite fit but  were really where I was at the moment.  Old Missy Elliot, Arca, Drake, Future, Yeezus, etc…I thought it might be a cool idea to release a few of the tracks. Just a way let loose and have a good time making music with different friends while waiting for the album to come out. Ariel stopped by for the video and we just shot us hanging out together. This video was directed by Kaitlin Christy. She’s a student at NYU and a close friend. It was a shot at an old Hollywood motel for about $300 and we had a great time making it.

Sonically, ‘Money’ doesn’t sound like your typical KITTEN production; its more in tune with a Crystal Castles’ industrial-jam, mixed-in with Missy Elliot’s ‘Pass That Dutch’ by way of the Ying Yang Twins’ ‘Whisper Song.’ It’s certainly different, but oh so f**king cool as well.

Let us know what you think of ‘Money’ and it’s video?! Leave your comments below!

KITTEN’s self-titled debut album arrives May 27th.

KITTENiTunes \ Facebook \ Twitter

MØ – “Say You’ll Be There” [Spice Girls Cover]


Electro-pop babe, remembers girl power on Valentine’s Day. The Danish artist has posted a cover of the Spice Girls 90s hit ‘Say You’ll Be There’ on her Facebook page with the following message:

Tomorrow it’s Valentines Daaaaay! My gift for you: a free download of my cover of ‘Say You’ll Be There’ by the Spice Girls!

MØ has previously acknowledged her fascination with the Spice Girls to Soundvenue a while back, so it’s kind of surprising this is the first time she’s cover them.

“When I was 7-8 years, it was just the Spice Girls that really mattered to me. Sporty Spice was my favorite, but I liked them all. That’s when I heard the Spice Girls that I found out that I would be a musician”

Well, was the wait worth it? HELL YEAH! Listen to her fantastic, stripped-down take on the track and click HERE to grab the free download!

MØ’s debut album ‘No Mythologies to Follow’ is out March 10th.

- Facebook \ iTunes

Roisin Murphy talks New Album, a MOLOKO reunion and more in NEW interview!!


A new interview with Disco-Dance diva, Róisín Murphy has recently surfaced. The interview took place back in January of this year by Irish radio presenter, Rory Hall. In the interview, the divine Ms. Murphy discusses an Italian language project, a new album, a House EP (YES!!) and a possible Moloko reunion (YES PLEASE!!).

Róisín Murphy:

“I have been incredibly productive of late actually. I’ve got a finished project which is called (…) Mi Senti, an Italian language project, where I sing in Italian. That will come out in May. And I’m working on an album, a Roisin Murphy album, which is going really well. I’ve got a single coming out on Eskimo records soon called Leviathan, which is a collaboration with Freeform Five. I’m doing another house music EP. I’ve been lazy for a long time, I’ve had two children, but it’s all starting to converge at one time, it’s like buses.”

A very surprising and fun fact to emerge from the interview is that Murphy is a fan of Alt-Rock-Punk bands Stones Roses, Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth! Sonic Youth was the very first band I saw live in concert (you always remember your first, haha!); it was during the band’s ‘GOO’ album tour back in 1990! I’m a huge Sonic Youth fanatic, so this very fact makes me admire and love Roisin Murphy even MORE!

Listen to the entire interview below and hear a short preview of “Pensiero Stupendo” from Murphy’s upcoming Italian project, Mi Senti.

As you know, we haven’t had a proper Róisín Murphy record since the incredible, Overpowered’ back in 2007. But that’s not to say that Murphy hasn’t been busy releasing new material. Since 2007, there have been plenty of singles and collaborations (Hot Natured, Toddla T, Crookers, Etc.) that collectively, could make an amazing RóMu record. Below is a playlist I’ve created to give you an idea of what that record would sound like. Enjoy!

Roisin Murphy Playlist 2014

1 – Freeform Five – Leviathan Featuring Roisin Murphy
2 – Boris D’lugosch – Look Around You Featuring Roisin Murphy
3 – Boris D’lugosch – Never Enough Featuring Roisin Murphy
4 – Hot Natured – Alternate State featuring Roisin Murphy -
5 – David Morales – Golden Era Featuring Roisin Murphy
6 – Crookers – Royal T Featuring Roisin Murphy
7 – Crookers -  Hold Up Your Hand Featuring Roisin Murphy
8 – Toddla T – Cherry Picking Featuring Roisin Murphy
9 – Luca C & Brigante – Flash Of Light Featuring Roisin Murphy
10 – Mason – Boadicea Featuring Roisin Murphy
11 – Fatboy Slim & David Byrne and Roisin Murphy – Don’t You Agree
12 – Marius De Vries – Yellow Moon Featuring Roisin Murphy
13 – Roisin Murphy – Orally Fixated
14 – Roisin Murphy – Momma’s Place

(Let me know if I’ve missed any?!)

Róisín MurphyiTunes

P.S. Thank you Rory Hall for this incredible and insightful interview!

Thomas Azier – “Hylas” [Brand New Sinlge + Album Debut]


If you’ve been following us for a long time than you probably already know that we’ve been a long time fan of Berlin’s electro-pop virtuoso, Thomas Azier. We’ve featured several of his songs\videos since this blog started back in 2011. Since, Azier has released two EPs, Haylas 001 and Hylas 002 which combined, feature some of Azier’s most dramatic and innovated productions; Red Eyes, Angelene, Ghostcity and the magnificently epic, Fire Arrow. Recently, Azier announced the release of his long awaited, full-length debut album, Hylas the final installment of the Hylas trilogy. The entire album was written, composed and produced by the 25-year old multi-instrumentalist himself, only assisted by sound designer and co-producer Robin Hunt.

We had the chance to preview the record in its entirety and it’s everything we expected and more. Great story-driven songs, mind-blowing, industrial-tinged productions and Azier’s expansive cinematic vocals. Don’t be surprise to see Hylas on our list of Best Albums of 2014.

Azier will be bringing his live show to New York during Fashion Week, performing at Painted Black’s NYFW show at Irving Plaza on February 13th, w/ Klangkarussel and Stefan Biniak. Get tickets here.

Below are some videos to get you reacquainted with Azier’s beautifully-dark, electropop productions + a preview of the album’s titled-track.

Hylas arrives March 10 via Casablanca Records.

Thomas Azier - iTunes \ Facebook \ OfficialSite