Nu Music: HANA Unveils The Gorgeous Video For “Clay”


About 3 months ago I attended Shamir’s insanely good show at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom– and I say “insanely good” not only cause Shamir puts on a great show; but also, because he had LA-based singer-songwriter and producer HANA (who just happens to be Grimes’ BFF) as his opening act. Admittedly, I didn’t know anything about HANA before that night, but boy, as soon as she started playing the captivating, “Avalanche” and later, her dreamy cover of the Eurythmic’s classic “Here Comes The Rain Again” (which I captured on video and she posted it on her Insta and Twitter–thx!!); I was completely and utterly in love with her.

Well, today, HANA has finally unveiled her official video for the gorgeous, “Clay” a beautiful and minimalist electronic ballad produced by Grimes’ collaborator Blood Diamonds (aka Bloodpop). In the video, directed by Lorraine Nicholson (daughter of Jack Nicholson), we see the singer in a bathtub, floating in milky-like waters as if being re-born again.

HANA’s forthcoming self-titled EP (artwork above) is due March 25.


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