JANET JACKSON – “GO DEEP” [THE REMIXES] – For the past week or so I’ve been listening\revisiting Janet Jackson’s 1997, critically-praised dark masterpiece “The Velvet Rope.”

One of her most daring album’s at the time.

Topics covered on the album ranged from sexual bondage, domestic violence, bisexuality and homophobia to the examination of self-worth, depression and the celebration of loved ones who’ve passed away.

“The Velvet Rope” debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, charted in the top 5 of many other countries, was Janet’s fourth consecutive #1 album in the US, and went on to triple-platinum status in the US, with total worldwide sales of over 10 million copies!

The record is also listed on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time!

Although it’s really tough to choose one favorite song from the album, ‘Go Deep’ has to be one I connected with the most.

It’s simply a fun, sexy track with no particular message other than having a good time, feeling good about yourself, dancing at your favorite spot and finding someone hot to groove with.

So, below are some amazing ‘Go Deep’ remixes I think will satisfied each and everyone of you out there that happens to love this song as much as I do.

My personal favorites being the Shoe Scene Symphony, Tchami and Robert Mint remixes.

Foxes Youth Official Video

Foxes Youth Official Video – English singer-songwriter Foxes (aka Louisa Rose Allen) has unleashed the official video for “Youth.”

The video was directed by James Copeman and serves as her official US debut to the newly signed RCA Records.

Now, those of you familiar with Foxes know the song is almost two years old.

In fact, we originally introduced Foxes via the excellent Pyramid Remix of “Youth” back in January 2012! (here) Although the song hasn’t changed much from the original,

just minor sonic changes; I’m glad to know the uplifting track it’s getting the attention it deserves with a bit of a production facelift.

“Youth” will be available on iTunes on August 20 with a Youth EP out on October 8. Expect a full-length album debut next year.


NEW MUSIC: TOVE LO – “HABITS” – Another day, another incredibly amazing Swedish act. Introducing Singer-songwriter, Tove Lo.

Late last year the talented 24-year-old singer\songwriter released her first solo effort; the lyrically obsessive and heart-wrenching pop song, “Love Ballad.”

Thou the song is a ‘ballad’ at heart; it plays like a catchy summer song—the track mixes melodic drums kicks over an island-tinged vibe that playfully carry the tune above Lo’s optimistic cries.

Tove Lo follows that incredible release with another stellar track called, “Habits.”

A mid-tempo pop tune with the same lyrical punch as “Love Ballad.”

The song and video depict the singer as she downward spirals in a list of habits and addictions after a failed relationship.

“You’re gone and I gotta stay high, all the time, to keep you off my mind” she sings over the minimal pop beats of the chorus.

Incredible song. I’m really excited to hear more from Ms. Tove Lo!